Photos: Massa rolls out of German Grand Prix

Felipe Massa crashes out of the German GPon the opening lap

Felipe Massa crashes out of the German GP on the opening lap

Felipe Massa, starting on the second row, flipped and somersaulted spectacularly out of the German Grand Prix after his Williams was tagged in a melee in the first bend at Hockenheim.

Massa’s car came to rest in the safety gravel. The Brazilian walked away unscathed but clearly frustrated after the accident triggered when Kevin Magnussen’s McLaren clipped the rear of his car.

“Big crash for Felipe but he is out the car and heading back to the garage,” Williams said on its Twitter account.

Magnussen continued, although the Danish driver reported damage to his front right tyre. The race restarted after a brief interlude when the safety car appeared, with Mercedes‘ Nico Rosberg leading from pole.

Massa said afterwards, “I am okay. The accident was a little bit more scary watching than being inside. I just saw everything the other way around, but I am fine. I am so disappointed at what happened.”

“It’s another race and another car that has pushed me out and finished my race. With a car that that is very competitive and fast that’s so disappointing. I was in front and doing the corner in front. If someone needs to watch, it’s the car behind,” added Massa.

Massa has suffered wretched luck this campaign, at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, last time out, his race ended prematurely after a collision with Kimi Raikkonen’s out-of-control Ferrari. Only rapid evasive action by Massa prevented a far more serious crash.

In the Canadian Grand Prix in June, Massa accused rival driver Sergio Perez of being “dangerous” after the Mexican had caused their near-300kph collision.

Brazilian Massa had tried to pass Perez for fourth position as they approached Turn One when their cars collided, an impact that sent both into the barriers at high speed. (AFP)