Hamilton: I had great fun and did as good as I could

Lewis Hamilton during the post race press conference at Hockenheim

Lewis Hamilton during the post race press conference at Hockenheim

After crashing heavily during Qualifying a day earlier, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton had it all to do at the German Grand Prix after having to start from 20th on the grid, but the Briton knuckled down and delivered a typically spirited performance on his way to salvaging third place in another masterful case of damage limitation. He spoke afterwards at Hockenheim.

Lots of fans in for you here. King of overtaking, 17 places, fastest lap, damaged front wing, so how much racing fun was that for you as a racer?
Lewis Hamilton: I had great fun. It was great to see how many fans we had here today, thank you so much for the support. I did as [well] as I could today. It was very hard to get through the pack safely. I had a little bit of a collision with Jenson. I honestly thought he was opening the door to let me past, he’s been a bit like that in the past race for example, so my bad on judgment there. It’s very hard to overtake at the end, they were so fast on the straights but I’m very happy I got some points today.

From 20th on the grid to third at the end and so much to deal with, so many changes as well, you were on a change of strategy at the end there where you were going to do two very attacking stints on the Super-soft of 13 laps. They obviously changed that after the Sutil spin, brought you in a bit earlier, so you had to do a bit longer final stint. How much the damage of the front wing in the Jenson Button incident hurt your chances of doing more than third today.
LH: I couldn’t tell you. The car was a little bit different but nonetheless to still get some points today, I’m grateful and very happy with the car today that Mercedes provided us with and congratulations to Nico. It’s fantastic for him on his home soil and also for Mercedes-Benz. So I’m glad I could add some points today.

Do you see the glass of your race more half full or half empty?
LH: Well, I don’t really know how to answer that really. I came from last, so to get on the podium is quite an achievement, so perhaps half full.

You’ve got an incredible record in Hungary – seven races, four wins. What is your secret there and what are your feelings in general about next week’s race?
LH: I don’t really have any secrets there, just been very…if I’ve ever had any…just been fortunate in that race, great support there as usual with the fans and a circuit I really enjoy. It’s a circuit where you can really attack, it works for an attacking driver like myself so perhaps it suits my driving style a little bit more than some others, maybe.

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