FIA confirm no F1 team using FRIC in Germany

Jo Bauer with Charlie Whiting

Jo Bauer with Charlie Whiting

The FIA has announced that no teams will be running with FRIC suspension systems during the German Grand Prix and beyond.

Ahead of the Hockenheim race teams were warned by FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting, that FRIC could be deemed illegal, while it emerged that some teams were preparing to lodge a protest against the system.

Subsequently McLarenRed Bull and pace-setting Mercedes confirmed that they would remove FRIC from their cars, and on Thursday it emerged that all teams had stopped using the front-and-rear-interconnected system.

After pre-race scrutineering at Hockenheim, FIA Technical Delegate Jo Bauer announced: “I can confirm that no car is fitted with a front to rear linked suspension system of any sort.” (GP247)