Swiss company plays down Schumacher records theft


A Swiss helicopter company has played down reports that it is at the centre of the scandal involving Michael Schumacher’s stolen medical report.

French authorities have traced the  IP address of a figure calling him or herself ‘Kagemusha’, who was offering confidential information about the Formula 1 legend’s health in the wake of his skiing fall to media agencies for €50,000.

Reports said that the IP was linked to a helicopter company in Switzerland. A Zurich-based company called Rega admitted that, as Schumacher’s transfer from Grenoble to a Lausanne rehabilitation clinic was being arranged, it was contacted and Schumacher’s medical file was passed on.

But the company, reportedly the major air ambulance operator in Switzerland, told AFP news agency that it believed that “patient confidentiality had been preserved”.

The Rega spokesperson added that it had “no knowledge of the investigation and had not been contacted by the authorities”., a Swiss website, quoted Rega spokesman Philipp Keller as saying: “Rega organised transport from Grenoble to Lausanne for a patient. As part of the organisation, a medical report was provided by the hospital in Grenoble.”

Keller, however, said that Rega only learned of the theft of Schumacher’s records from the media. (GMM)