Lotus: We were able to make tangible improvement

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado enjoyed a productive day of running in the E22 at Silverstone today with a wide range of aerodynamic evaluations completed over the course of 97 laps.

Fast Facts:

  • Track: Silverstone, England, 5.9 km
  • Chassis: E22-02
  • Weather: Dry, air 16-23°C, track 16-28 °C
  • Programme: Aero logging and evaluation.
  • Laps Completed: 97
  • Classification: P9, 1:37.131
  • Interruptions: Various red flags.

Pastor Maldonado: “We had a very busy day; it was an important test for the team and a good day for me to get to know the car even better. We were fully focused on an aerodynamic programme and hopefully we have enough data for work to continue in the wind tunnel back at the factory. Reliability was good and we completed our entire test programme. We ran with a new engine in the car which felt a lot more powerful, which is a positive for the future.”

Nick Chester, Technical Director: “The E22 ran very reliably today and we completed a comprehensive aero programme to enable us to understand the car better and make progress for the rest of the season. We were able to make tangible improvement through the day and have some interesting avenues to pursue. Tomorrow will be quite interesting as we’re evaluating 18 inch wheels and tyres for Pirelli. The car will look very different so it will be good to hear what people make of it.”

What’s Next?

Charles Pic will drive for the final day of testing at Silverstone including evaluation of Pirelli’s 18″ concept tyre.