Gutierrez penalised for crashing into Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado is ounted into the air by  Esteban Gutierrez

Pastor Maldonado is ounted into the air by Esteban Gutierrez

Sauber driver Esteban Gutierrez received a three-place grid penalty for the German Grand Prix after crashing into the Lotus of  Pastor Maldonado at Silverstone, in an incident which brought back memories of their unsavoury clash at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The two made contact at Club Corner while battling it out. Gutierrez appeared to over-cook it on the brakes and punted Maldonado’s Lotus into the air.

Gutierrez was forced to retire a few laps later, and Maldonado was classified 17th, last of the cars running at the end of the race. Afterwards the FIA stewards at Silverstone adjudged that Gutierrez was “predominantly at fault” for the incident.

Gutierrez explained his version of the incident, “When I tried to overtake him in turn 16 he braked and did not leave me enough space. I was already beside him and could not avoid a collision with him.”

Esteban Gutierrez and Pastor Maldonado collided in Bahrain

Esteban Gutierrez and Pastor Maldonado collided in Bahrain

Maldonado said, “There was contact from Esteban Gutierrez, the result of which I’m told looked spectacular, but in the car it was over very quickly and we kept on racing. We’re not sure if this added to the cause of my retirement, certainly the rear wing was moving about more than normal so we don’t know yet what other damage there was.”

At the Bahrain Grand Prix, in April, Maldonado was handed a five-place grid penalty and given three penalty points on his Super-Licence for causing the crash which launched and flipped the Sauber of Gutierrez.

Maldonado ran into the side of the Sauber at Turn 1 at Sakhir circuit,moments after rejoining the track from the pit lane. The contact resulted in the Mexican’s car being tipped into a spectacular roll.

Gutierrez was able to climb from his cockpit, while Maldonado continued with damage, but a lengthy Safety Car period was needed to recover the stricken Sauber and clear the debris on the night. (GP247)