Lauda: Lewis is more motivated and will keep fighting

Lewis Hamilton with Niki Lauda before the start of the Austrian GP

Lewis Hamilton with Niki Lauda on the grid of the Austrian GP

When Lady Luck was dishing out good fortune she was not being very generous to Lewis Hamilton this year, as the Mercedes driver appears to be getting far larger dollops of misfortune than teammate Nico Rosberg, but according to Niki Lauda this scenario is only serving to motivate Hamilton.

Speaking to the BBC after the Austrian Grand Prix, where Hamilton turned ninth on the grid to second place in the race, behind Rosberg, Lauda observed, “He will keep fighting. He will be more motivated going to Silverstone after this result. He knows he has to fight hard with his own team-mate to make up the points.”

Twice Hamilton has been forced to retire – at the season opener in Melbourne and more recently in Montreal – which some believe is now pressuring the 2007 F1 World Champion into making mistakes such as the error in Qualifying, at the Red Bull Ring, which may have cost him pole position.

Lewis Hamilton in Austria

Lewis Hamilton in Austria

Three time Formula 1 World Champion Lauda however does not agree, “These things can happen. There is nothing wrong with this. I have known him for a long time and he is absolutely perfect in his head.”

“He is highly motivated and that’s it. There is nothing in this respect at all. Even with the qualifying mistake, he said: It was my mistake. That’s all. He made up for it right away in the race. Don’t worry about it. Wait for Silverstone. I guarantee you he will be there. I really look forward to a good Silverstone race between the two.”

Lauda is more than aware that the two Silver Arrows drivers are throwing everything at each other, but he is also adamant that they are both on top of their game and for that reason the duel has been incident free thus far, “They are pushing each other since day one in Melbourne. They are pushing hard and nothing happens. They are doing a perfect job.”

“They are professionals; they don’t hit each other and they pull the team forward. It couldn’t be better,” added Lauda. (GP247)


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