Ecclestone reveals 19 races on 2015 F1 calendar

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

Formula 1 Chief Executive  Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that the 2015 grand prix calendar will remain at 19 races.

In recent years, teams have expressed concerns that organising as many as twenty races in a single season would put unacceptable stress on personnel.

It won’t happen next season, Ecclestone admitted to Kleine Zeitung newspaper. Asked how many races will be on the 2015 schedule, he said: “The same as this year – so 19.”

However, that may be at the expense of one or two existing races. When asked specifically about the reportedly incoming Azerbaijan, and the project in New York, he said: “We want to go to Azerbaijan for a street race. As for New York, we are still talking to them.”

One provisional race date on the 2015 schedule is already known. Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper says that tickets for the Austrian Grand Prix on 21 June 2015 are already on sale. (GMM)


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