Kvyat gets taller and hopes growth spurt is over

Daniil Kvyat with Helmut Marko

Daniil Kvyat with Helmut Marko

Impressive rookie Daniil Kvyat has his fingers crossed that his ‘growth spurt’ is over.

A cursory look at the Russian’s formative career, including his GP3 title last year, shows that the then lanky teenager was 175 cm tall.

But other, perhaps more up-to-date Formula 1 resources are showing the impressive Kvyat at 180 cm — the 5 cm difference meaning he is either average at 5 foot 9, or a quite-tall at 5 foot 11.

Helmut Marko, in charge of Red Bull’s driver development programme, has been quoted as saying that the young Russian is indeed growing very quickly.

It has raised fears that Kvyat might keep growing and hurt his career by no longer fitting easily at the wheel of today’s Formula 1 cars.

“Of course yes,” he told Speed Week, “I am one of the taller drivers. But there were others taller than me in the past, like Mark Webber and Gerhard Berger. I have had a growth spurt, but it’s over now, I think.”

Marko has also suggested that that Kvyat, while clearly the standout surprise among the latest Formula 1 rookies, has been lucky to make his debut in 2014 rather than perhaps a year earlier.

“Daniil Kvyat is a very good driver,” he told the Guardian. “But he’s young and if he jumped in last year’s car he would not have finished a grand prix without being completely exhausted. Now he can finish because the demands are so much lower.” (GMM)


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