Mattiacci: I listen to Stefano Domenicali

Marco Mattiacci keeps an eye on proceedings in Austria

Marco Mattiacci keeps an eye on proceedings in Austria

Ferrari Team Principal Marco Mattiacci has admitted that he listens to advice from Stefano Domenicali, the man he replaced at the helm of the sport’s most famous team.

Speaking to the media in Austria, Mattiacci said, “I think maybe the main characteristic of a good manager is to listen and to ask question[s]. I think Stefano has been an asset of the company and is an important asset for me – so definitely I ask questions to Stefano. I listen to Stefano.”

“At the same time I’m the one that makes the choice to bring a new direction within the team,” added Mattiacci.

In May Domenicali stated, “Mattiacci did not ask me anything. It’s a good thing to see that he did not need advice.”

However sources close to the Maranello say that the scenario has changed over the past month, and are report that Domenicali may remain with the team as an LMP1 World Endurance Championship foray is being mounted by the Scuderia, with Le Mans top of the agenda and the former F1 team principal now first in line to head-up the operation.

Stefano Domenicali

Stefano Domenicali

Nevertheless Mattiacci was adamant that Formula 1 remained the team’s long term priority and downplayed President Luca di Montezemolo’s remarks to the Wall Street Journal suggesting that he was seriously considering pulling out of F1.

“I don’t want to work with that perspective,” said Mattiacci. “I know that Formula One is about Ferrari, and that Ferrari is about Formula One. I want to work, we will work, the president will work in order to improve and to make sure that we will have a Formula One that will appeal to a wider audience, so at the moment I will not consider the scenario.”

As for Le Mans ambitions the Ferrari team boss said, “First of all we were at Le Mans and we won the category with car 51 – with a 458, so it was a remarkable achievement. Having said that, it’s good to look at other series, what can be migrated to Formula One but Formula One is 19 races and I believe that it is a worldwide platform so we need to consider that there is a very good base to start from.”

“Having said that, myself, personally and my team, we are 100 percent focused on Formula One. I have to do my job here at the moment so I can’t have this distraction,” concluded Mattiacci. (GP247)


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