Mattiacci says super-cool Raikkonen is great to work with

Kimi Raikkonen and Marco Mattiacci

Kimi Raikkonen and Marco Mattiacci

One thing Kimi Raikkonen and Marco Mattiacci have in common is the fact that they are not men of many words, but the newly instated Ferrari boss has only good things to say about universally popular driver fondly known as Iceman.

Speaking to the media during the Monaco GP weekend, Mattiacci said, “I have worked before in Finland for several months and I know quite well Finnish people. Kimi is someone that is Finnish but grew up internationally because of Formula 1 travel.”

“He is a super-cool guy and I like him very much. He always has open and very frank discussions and he is professional. He is a great person to work with.”

“We are all different so sometimes we need to tune the level of communication and the way we talk to people in order to be in the same frequency. I don’t find any issue in dealing with Kimi, it’s the opposite and I have no problem,” added Mattiacci. (GP247)

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