Pirelli tyres are too hard claims Alonso

Fernando Alonso in Monaco

Fernando Alonso in Monaco

Two weeks ago Sergio Perez declared that Pirelli tyres allocated for Barcelona were boring, now in the aftermath of the Monaco Grand Prix Fernando Alonso has come out and also criticised the 2014 tyres.

The Ferrari driver, who finished fourth in Monaco, said of the tyres: “They are too hard. There are no secrets. When they bring normal tyres with good grip, we finish the tyre in two or three laps. When they bring harder tyres we finish the tyre in eight or nine laps but we go very slow.”

“This is what we have – it is the same for everybody. The tyre is what it is and what it has been for the last four years unfortunately,” lamented Alonso.

Pirelli, who were tasked to spice up the show when they came on board as exclusive F1 tyre suppliers, responded to Alonso’s latest criticism, saying: “Pirelli prefers not to reply to remarks which have not been made directly to us. The only direct comments we [have] received so far are positive.” (GP247)

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