Ecclestone should have quit F1 years ago says Briatore

Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore have history in F1

Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore have history in F1

Flavio Briatore believes that Bernie Ecclestone’s days at the helm of Formula 1 are numbered, and admits he is no fan of the new Formula 1.

Embroiled in a bribery scandal and criminal trial, the sport’s ‘supremo’ on Friday stunned the paddock when he said that if Formula 1 owner CVC finds a successor for him, “I will leave tomorrow”.

Briatore, a former title-winning Formula 1 team boss and friend of Ecclestone’s, has been linked with the job but in Monaco – where his luxury boat ‘Force Blue’ is moored this weekend – he ruled that out.

But he did admit to Italy’s Sky that he thinks Ecclestone’s days are numbered, “There is an objective reality and that is the fact that Bernie is 83.

“I’m sorry he is now in this litigation, which may be perceived quite differently if he was 20 or 30. I feel sorry for him, but if I was Ecclestone, I would have left five or six years ago,” Briatore added.

Indeed, he thinks Formula 1 in general made a very wrong turn some years ago, “This is not the Formula 1 I am used to. It’s like enjoying spaghetti but then getting sick because you’re forced to eat caviar.

“In my day the races were gladiator fights, but now it’s like accountants – saving petrol, saving tyres, try not to be penalised…buttons on the steering wheel like an accordion.

“We had overtakings like Senna and Prost, Villeneuve and Pironi, now it’s all pretend. The teams spend 350 million euros per year and someone is just as fast in GP2.

“It’s normal that the audience turns away,” he said. “We have taken away the noise and now these trumpets? It’s like a carnival.” (GMM)

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