Mattiacci: If I invite Adrian Newey to work at Ferrari? No!

Marco Mattiacci in Monaco

Marco Mattiacci in Monaco

Newly appointed Ferrari boss Marco Mattiacci has denied that he tried to lure Adrian Newey away from Red Bull, amid reports that the Maranello squad are “pulling out all the stops” to sign up Formula 1’s preeminent designer.

Speaking in Monaco Mattiacci was asked the question to which he responded: “If I invite Adrian Newey to work at Ferrari? No.”

Many have questioned the wisdom of appointing of Mattiacci, a man with no experience in F1, to the top post of the sport’s most famous team, in the aftermath of Stefano Domenicali’s resignation.

With the support of the Ferrari president, and mentor Luca di Montezemolo, Mattiacci is still going about the process of learning about the business, particularly the operational aspects of Ferrari amid a well below par start to the season.

Mattiacci said of his role thus far, “I would be extremely arrogant in saying that we already have a vision. Definitely we are having a picture, a quite accurate picture of the problems we have experienced so far. It is clear the gap to the leader of the championship. So we are clear what are going to be the next steps.”

Marco Mattiacci is a new face on the Ferrari gantry

Marco Mattiacci is a new face on the Ferrari gantry

“We know that we need to have a continuous improvement every race and that’s the way we are working. We have a lot of assets, as I have said, very positive people, drivers but definitely there is the need to improve dramatically.”

“We are confident as Ferrari that we are striving to improve every race and to be competitive. That’s the thing that I’m absolutely sure. We can see little by little that we are going in the right direction,” insisted the Ferrari team principal.

“Mercedes has done an impressive job and an impressive leadership but I think, what are we doing? We have two great drivers and a team that is really, really focused on closing the gap.” 

“There is a lot of work to be done. I don’t want to give any deadline, definitely it’s a medium term but we are going to come back competitive. This is for sure. We are working 24/7, were going to come back competitive, that’s for sure,” declared Mattiacci. (GP247)

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