Hamilton: I’m striving for perfection

Formula One World Championship, Rd4, Chinese Grand Prix, Race, Shanghai, China, Sunday 20 April 2014.

Lewis Hamilton has won four out of five races so far this year

With four victories in four races, Lewis Hamilton is on a kind of streak that he has never experienced in his Formula 1 career, but despite this he is still being exceptionally hard on himself as he acknowledges, with typical honesty, that his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg has had the better of him on occasions but this only makes him more determined to triumph at the Principality of Monte Carlo as he did in his championship winning year in 2008.

Speaking ahead of the Monaco weekend, Hamilton told Express, “I want to win there. Monaco is one of those I always target before the season – that one and Silverstone are the two real ones you point out. I won both races there in Formula Three in 2005 and both again in GP2 in 2006.”

“I was quick enough to win in 2007 (in his first year in F1) but I couldn’t get past [Fernando Alonso]. I had got held up in Qualifying and I ended up second. Then in 2008 I won, and in 2009 I was probably quick enough, but I crashed. Then after that we weren’t quick enough.”

Lewis Hamilton won the 2008 Monaco GP as a McLaren driver

Lewis Hamilton won the 2008 Monaco GP as a McLaren driver

“Last year, I finally had a car to win again and I drove like a w*nker. When I say that, I don’t mean the whole race. I drove well until the Safety Car pit-stop period.”

“I also struggled with the car last year. I lost three tenths in Qualifying from turn one to the top of the hill, and yet I only qualified half a tenth behind [Rosberg]. I was just very uncomfortable with the car,” explained the Silver Arrows driver.

Fast forward a year and despite winning in Spain last time out, Hamilton reveals that it was not all plain sailing, “After struggling over the weekend in Spain, I’m going there thinking how I can avoid that, otherwise I will be quick there. It’s still encouraging that I won,” said Hamilton.

“As in Bahrain I felt massively good after that, but I know what I’ve got and I feel it shouldn’t have been that close. That’s what I’m working towards. The places where I finished ahead, like Malaysia and China, that’s how it should be.

Rosberg pushed Hamilton hard in the final laps of the race and with one more lap the German might have nicked the win from his teammate.

Lewis Hamilton on his way to win number four at the Spanish GP

Lewis Hamilton on his way to win number four at the Spanish GP

“In Spain and Bahrain he was quicker. Even though I finished ahead and it’s positive in the sense that I know I’m able to behave well under pressure, ultimately he was quicker. I’m not being negative, it’s just that I’m a perfectionist. Most people would be like ‘yeah, I won the race.”

“Even though the other guy was right on my tail, I won the race’. But I should have been quicker. It shouldn’t have been as hard,” mused the Briton.

“As I say, I’m striving for perfection. It’s not that I’m unhappy. I had an amazing day [in Barcelona], an amazing weekend, even though I struggled in Qualifying when I nearly lost it. But I just pulled out a really good lap and got pole. That’s a real positive, but it was a risky lap.”

“In the race, I managed to stay ahead, did a good job, but I want to be better. That’s what I’m getting at,” declared Hamilton who will be looking to add to his 26 grand prix victories, in Monaco this weekend. (GP247)

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