Lotus hit back after Renault late payment claims

Gerard Lopez

Gerard Lopez

Lotus team boss Gerard Lopez has slammed Renault, after the Formula 1 engine suppliers revealed that some of their customers are behind in engine bill payments.

Although Renault chief Jean-Michel Jalinier’s comments in Barcelona also triggered reports about the future of Caterham, suspicion also fell on Lotus, who last year were famously late in paying Kimi Raikkonen.

But driver Romain Grosjean was also not paid by struggling Lotus in 2013, although the Frenchman said last month he kept the problem quiet.

“I never opened my mouth in front of the media because it was my own business, my personal thing,” he said.

Indeed, team owner Lopez has now hit back at Renault for suggesting that some teams have failed to pay for their new turbo V6 engines this season.

“I said to them if they are going to say things, then name the team that is an issue,” he is quoted by the Daily Mail. “Don’t just say ‘teams’ and then expect people to make their own judgements.”

“If there is [a team that has not paid], it must be somebody else, but I’m not even sure there is, to be honest with you,” Lopez added. (GMM)

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