Ecclestone and Gribkowsky waged battle for control of F1

no_angel_bernie_ecclestone_Bernie Ecclestone and Gerhard Gribkowsky battled over control of Formula 1, according to testimony on Wednesday given in court by investigative author Tom Bower.

Bower, who in 2011 wrote a biography “No Angel – the secret life of Bernie Ecclestone”, gave the book its title when the F1 supremo, who worked closely with the author at the time, reportedly told him: “Write what you like, provided it’s more or less the truth.”

Bower was called to give evidence in the Munich trial on Wednesday, as Ecclestone fights for his future in Formula 1, and possibly for his very freedom, over allegations that he bribed jailed Formula 1 banker Gribkowsky.

Bower also knew Gribkowsky well, and told the court how the jailed former BayernLB risk officer once told Ecclestone that he was going to try to find a successor for the 83-year-old Briton.

“We will see what happens if you carry on like that,” Bower quoted Ecclestone as having replied to Gribkowsky, who interpreted the retort as a threat.

German media reports quote Bower as also telling the court on Wednesday that Ecclestone and Gribkowsky waged “a battle for control of Formula 1″. (GMM)

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