Red Bull have no plans to ditch Renault

Red Bull has made no secret that it regards its RB10 car as a championship winner, with the only missing link being the deficiencies of the Renault engine.

The French marque, however, insist that they are rapidly catching up, with Remi Taffin claiming after the weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix: “I’d say we are about 90 per cent of the way on our recovery now, with final refinements to come.”

Although as early as January, when the Renault engine problems were at their worst, there was talk of the world champion team sourcing their power unit elsewhere. But for the moment, Red Bull is ruling out a change of engine supplier.

“Change to who?” team owner Mateschitz said when asked the question. “We currently have no alternatives, and the contracts with Renault are long term.”

Red Bull is pushing ahead with its French partner, he explained, “I hope that by mid-season we succeed to some extent in making Mercedes’ lead at least no longer unassailable. As always, hope dies last!” (GMM)

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