Lauda: Lewis is unbeatable and gets better with every race

Niki Lauda has seen just about everything there is to see in Formula 1, but the three time world champion and now Mercedes boss cannot contain his delight and enthusiasm for the performances of Lewis Hamilton.

“Lewis Hamilton is unbeatable,” he declared to The Guardian. “It’s very simple to say. Because he’s getting better and better every [with] race, he makes no bloody mistake whatsoever and he’s very focused. You can’t beat the guy.”

“Nico [Rosberg] tried every trick to get him. And he did a good job, but he couldn’t pass him. Lewis is outstanding at this moment.”

Hamilton and Rosberg have dueled since their early teens when racing karts together in relative obscurity, the rivalry is now grabbing global headlines as they take their battle to the high profile Formula 1 stage and  push each other relentlessly in the process.


“Nico is aware at what level Lewis is driving at because they both drive the same car. And Nico will continue to bite, which for me is most important. Because if Nico keeps on pushing himself to beat Lewis, both cars will go quicker,” predicts Lauda.

During the final stages of the Spanish Grand Prix, after the two Silver Arrows simply left their rivals in the dust, Rosberg attacked Hamilton for the lead but fell short by half a second…an extra lap and the German may well have stolen victory from his teammate who had led from the start.

Lauda told The Times, “My strategy is very simple. So far, my drivers have not clashed in any way and I want that to go on until there is no third driver challenging for the title.”

“Then they can drive over each other if they want to – and whoever survives is the world champion. I want them to see everybody else off and then, when there is no other enemy, it is really going to be warfare,” mused Lauda. (GP247)

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