Montoya says that DRS has killed the art of overtaking in F1

Juan Pablo Montoya scored his final grand prix win at Interlagos in 2005

Juan Pablo Montoya scored his final grand prix win at Interlagos in 2005

Seven time grand prix winner Juan Pablo Montoya says that DRS in Formula 1 has devalued the art of overtaking.

Introduced to Formula 1 in 2011 the Drag Reduction System (DRS) is now part and parcel of the sport and credited with livening up the spectacle. However, Montoya believes that the gizmo has a downside too.

He said on the Peter Windsor hosted Racer’s Edge, “It is good for the [Formula 1] show, it makes a better show because people pass people, but I think overtaking is an art. And now it’s like giving Picasso Photoshop.”

The popular Colombian, who is still missed by many fans in Formula 1, departed the pinnacle of motorsport in 2006. He has spent the past several years in NASCAR with moderate success.

This year Montoya makes a return to open wheel Indycar racing. He was the 1999 CART FedEx Series Champion and Indianapolis 500 winner in 2000.

He gave take on the challenge and art of overtaking is as it was in the past, “You had to think and you had to risk a lot. You don’t have to fight for the positions now.

“You come into the straight and if you are close enough you have DRS and you’ve cleared the guy by the next corner,” explained Montoya. (GP247)

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