Lauda does not want Mercedes to win all races in 2014

Niki Lauda with Lewis Hamilton

Niki Lauda with Lewis Hamilton

Niki Lauda is hoping that Mercedes’ rivals do not make it too easy for the German marque for the remainder of the 2014 season.

So far this year, the dominant Brackley based team has easily won the opening four grands prix on the trot, having aced the all-new V6 turbo rules.

It evokes memories of Ferrari in 2004, when the Italian team won 15 of the 18 races, or 1988, when McLaren won all but one of the season’s races.

However, a full season of victory clean-sweeps would be a new situation for Formula 1, and Mercedes Team Chairman Lauda is not sure that he would like to see it.

“We do not want to win all the races,” he told the Swiss newspaper Blick. “It definitely wouldn’t be good for Formula 1.”

But Lauda acknowledged that he is proud of Mercedes’ dominance so far in 2014.

“What we are going through now is the harvest of many months of work, particularly in the area of the turbo engine,” he said.

“But we do not think the current situation is normal. Our opponents will certainly be getting stronger.” (GMM)

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