Hamilton: We learned a lot from practice and that is why I blew Nico away


Lewis Hamilton has upped the ante ni his thus far amicable rivalry with Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg by claiming that “I blew him away” in the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang.

The 2008 world champion comfortably won the Malaysian Grand Prix from pole, and although German Rosberg finished second in the sister Mercedes, Hamilton claimed it was one of the easiest triumphs of his eight-year career.

“It’s massive. I don’t remember the last time in my career I had a gap like that, particularly with a teammate driving the same car,” said the Briton.

Hamilton said he had built his advantage from the very start of the practice sessions, “I felt I had the edge. We learned a lot from practice but it is one thing learning it, another applying it. But it worked and that is why I blew him away.”

Formula One World Championship, Rd2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Race, Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday 30 March 2014.

Rosberg won the season opener in Melbourne but only after Hamilton – again from pole – retired with an engine problem.

“I’m pushing myself more than my teammate is pushing me. That’s where the push is coming from,” Hamilton said at Sepang late on Sunday.

“Nico is very quick, he’s won the first race, he’s always there, so naturally we are pushing each other.

“But this year I’m pushing myself that extra. I’m eking out more than I’ve ever been able to eke out.”

Jenson Button, a former teammate of Hamilton’s, thinks that Sepang on Sunday was a psychological as well as an actual victory for the 28-year-old.


“Looking at what Lewis did is going to hurt [Rosberg] a little bit. He was super-fast,” he said.

“That is a lot to put between you and your teammate when you have both had a clear race. I am sure that is strike one to him,” Button added.

Ex Formula 1 driver and BBC pundit David Coulthard agrees: “If that was a pure driver-to-driver battle, then Nico psychologically will have taken a bit of a hit.”

Mercedes Chairman Niki Lauda is quoted by Speed Week: “I have no idea why Nico could not drive at Lewis’ level. But I am glad that they were not fighting with each other. Now we have to analyse what was the issue with Nico’s car as it must be corrected and then we move to Bahrain.”

Rosberg himself admitted after the race, “I was trying to chase Lewis but he was a bit too quick.”(GMM)

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  • Massimo Merebini

    typical Hamilton , roars like a tiger who is manipulated by a pussy cat .

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    nampak macam website ni tak suka vettel dan hamilton

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    nampak your stupid language somewhere where the sun don’t shine!


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    aku ada big cojones, tak nampak ka apa atok pegang tu, puto

  • =El Presidente=

    ah, so you do speak english? good! use it!

    and i dont need to speak your language to understand that you are swearing me..?

    * yes i edit it a bit. :)

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    Dude, while I agree that it would be better if @bomohnujum:disqus posted in English considering it is an English website, there’s no need to be so rude and insulting of another language. And if anything, Malay goes way further back than olde or modern day English, so I’d show some respect for Malay or at least expect a kind reminder to those who don’t post in English, that this is an English website.

  • Amos James

    Abaikan bodoh el presidente

  • Amos James

    Be nice, dude.

  • Will Powers

    Hamilton is the complete package… Fast, and obnoxious. Still, congrats to him. And welcome to the Malay commentors.

  • McLarenfan

    We know Lewis did well but I think Nico won’t take this as a finale he will come back at Lewis hard. A battle we as fans may well enjoy. Still do not like the cars but there are some interesting twists on track.

  • Macstar

    Tha championship was a lifetime away, this is the chance for Hamilton to reclaim glory, and he seems ready for it.

  • bobmendon

    Google translator works fine. I’m sure he has to use it to understand your stupid language.

  • bobmendon

    El Presidente, you are really a rude bastich. Seriously, park your xenophobia someplace else.

  • Spartacus


    Yes, typical Hamilton.
    He is undoubtedly super talented, super quick in an F1 car and unfortunately super ARROGANT. I suspect he was saying those things about blowing Nico away as a means of trying to psychologically damage Nico’s confidence as early as possible. He needs to learn to be humble while doing that…

  • BS

    Why all the hate bob…don’t be so mean and angry …peace and love, peace and love.

  • Severn

    Hamilton has always had a colossal opinion of himself. He’s already much more arrogant than Vettel, if he wins the title this year he’ll be unbearable.

    Last year he was already going on about his “legacy” and his “place in history” and discussing the museum he plans to create to celebrate himself.

  • Hawk

    Always expect such people in sport. The Mourinhos of this world. One just has to prove them wrong about their braggadocio.

  • Nobody

    Good comparison with Mourinho but I see Alonso more of this type. Nasty character but good professional !

    Hamilton is maybe listening to some PR advice as he isn’t capable of operating at this level.

  • Severn

    I’m seeing reports that Hamilton was misquoted and actually said “I was pulling away”. Given how bad F1 reporting is, I can believe this was the case.

    Of course given how arrogant Hamilton is I can also believe he’d brag about blowing someone away.

  • Al Lawrence

    This story that Lewis claimed to blow Nico away should be filed away in the same garbage can, that Hamilton in his rookie year purchased a $400,000 license plate, and a huge yacht. Lewis posted on his twitter account…..” want to clear up reports that I claimed I blew Nico away yesterday. “…….” I actually said….I was pulling away,.” so as it turns out, Lewis never said that he blew away Nico… Another classic example how some journalists can’t get the story right, but these facts anyway, will not change the opinion’s of those Hamilton haters.
    For further clarification read this article by James Allen.

  • Al Lawrence

    I guess that you removed my post, because it wa too factual…..sorry asses

  • farizY

    See, this is why I don’t like Hamilton, he is one cocky SOB.
    I said this before and I’ll say it again, didn’t Hamilton said winning a race by a country mile is boring? Hypocrite.
    He’s a talented driver, but attitude wise,very cocky indeed. Which isn’t a surprise considering that he requested to come back to Top Gear track and re do his lap.

  • steveraxx

    Mr. Hamilton you come across like a punk, because you say things like punks do. As for your supposed talent, how many could supersede you given the same level of coddling you received from Mclaren.

    By the way the stones in your ears look stupid, really and truly stupid.

  • steveraxx

    It is an English sport. The only reason there is a race in Malaysia is because the government stumped up Bernie’s fee. Malaysia is no-where, the stand are empty for a reason.

  • BS

    I read the first line of your post, and was thinking…yea, and how bout those stupid f’n earrings…then I got to the end of your post and realized you beat me to it.

    He looks like all the jackass American football players…

  • BS

    Yea, I heard you bragged about blowing vettel…not away, just blowing him.

  • Nowhereman

    It starts.
    Check with Lewis if he really said those things or were they just carefully put together by AJN to gain some print time.

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    Grand Prix is French, not English…I believe it’s a world sport…not regional.

  • Hawk

    go hang.. hater

  • Guest

    It is not Lewis’s style to blatantly disparage anyone, let alone his long standing friend.

    He did not go ballistic when he had a breakdown after pole position in Australia,
    nor did he begrudge Nico his victory at that event.
    BOTH are fiercely competitive, creating momentum, which Mercedes intends to use.

    The media should be watching Ferrari and Red Bull, where there ARE prima donnas;
    if they are intent on sniffing about, looking for trouble.

  • Amos James


  • Amos James

    To be fair, u are more xenophobic than anyone else here. It’s not your fault though, Bob. Prison does terrible things to people.