F1 driver reportedly passes out as extreme dieting takes its toll

Australian F1 Grand Prix - Practice

It has emerged that Formula 1 drivers’ extreme dieting to make the stringent 2014 weight limits may have caused one as yet unnamed driver to pass out in Malaysia.

We reported on Saturday that some drivers are deliberately dehydrating, even at sweltering Sepang, in order to get the weight of their car below the legal 692 kg limit.

“That is what I was going to do,” admitted Jenson Button. “Go in a sauna, steam room, not drink or eat until after Qualifying.

“It is a shame for the guys who have to do it.”

It appears, in fact, that Button has been toying with dehydration strategies in Malaysia.

“Morning run for Jenson,” his trainer, Mikey Collier, said on Twitter on Saturday, “with pre and post weight measurements to guide hydration strategies, taking driver weight loss to the extreme.”

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton agreed that he has also heard that some drivers’ dieting has become hardcore.

“I heard someone was doing that, exhausting themselves,” said the Briton.

Now, The Times correspondent Kevin Eason has reported that one unnamed Formula 1 driver “passed out at a function in Malaysia, underlining fears that some are starving themselves to meet new weight limits”.

Martin Brundle, the commentator for British television Sky, said on Saturday that he has heard the very same story.

Among the very heaviest drivers on the grid is the tall Adrian Sutil, who reportedly weighs a whopping 12 kilograms more than his teammate Esteban Gutierrez.

Worse still, the Ferrari-powered C33 is believed to be well over the 692 kg minimum weight, whether the featherweight Gutierrez or Sutil is at the wheel.

The Swiss newspaper Blick reports that Sauber is working on “a new lightweight chassis” to introduce at the Spanish Grand Prix in mid May.

“We are planning an ambitious weight loss programme,” a team source confirmed. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    We are told the ugly noses are for safety reasons, we are also told the faulty fuel flow meters are for safety reasons (ie otherwise the cars may raise their turbo boost too high and intercept slower cars too quickly) yet somthing as fundimental as unhealthy drivers because they cant eat due to ridiculous weight limits, which given their fluid loss during a race could very well pass out from further weight loss and Bernie and the FIA just completely ignore it. This isnt horse racing and they arent jockeys! This just further highlights with stupidity that rules over the FIA. F1 wont be great again till Bernie, Todt and Whiting have gone and some common sense will prevail.

  • Jerry Holloway

    Careful what you wish for.

  • Dave Bates

    agreed, & not to mention differing states of rubber! Some on fresh while others are exploding off the rims! Cars limping back to pits on track at slow speeds ! Would the FIA consider this dangerous ? I reckon teams & drivers cope pretty well on differing stratagies & don,t need nanny state rules. Regards DB

  • McLarenfan

    Ferrari were one of the teams to go against weight increase that has obviously backfired on them but the stupidity of this weight loss is a damage to kidneys and other health issues and worse still a driver blacking out t the wheel.