Torrential rain delays start of Sepang Qualifying

Formula One World Championship, Rd2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Practice, Sepang, Malaysia, Friday 28 March 2014.

Torrential rain which lasts a couple of hours is something of a tradition in and around Kuala Lumpur at this time of the year, so no surprise that the clouds which loomed ominously all Saturday finally burst down on Sepang International Circuit in time to spice up Qualifying.

However the deluge caused flooding of the circuit, which forced officials to delay the start of the session.

Directives are being issued every 15 minutes on the status of the session, but with light fading rapidly at the venue there is a strong possibility of Qualifying taking place on Sunday morning as happened last year for the Australian Grand Prix. Watch this space… (GP247)

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  • Mitja Bonca

    Most likely the qually will be postponed on tomorrow.