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For fans of Formula 1 motor racing, the F1 Drivers Championship is the raison d’être of the racing season. Betting on Formula 1 races in general and on the Drivers Championship in particular adds an extra dimension to the sport of motor racing, and brings excitement and anticipation to a new level.

If you reached this page you probably already know, but Formula One is the top class of single-seater motor racing in the world. The F1 season includes a series of grand prix races that are held in different locations around the globe.

The Formula One World Drivers’ Championship is awarded by the FIA, the international federation of auto racing, to the F1 driver who has had the most success over the course of a season. “Success” is based on points accumulated through wins at grand prix races.

Formula 1 Betting

The easiest and most convenient way to bet on a Formula 1 race is through an online sports betting site. In this example I will use the William Hill site since it’s one of the most trusted betting companies… To bet on F1 races with William Hill is to bet safely, securely, and with peace of mind – the company’s customer service system is professional and super-helpful. No question about F1 betting – big or small – will go unanswered.

The first step on the road to betting on F1 racing is to register and become a member of a sports betting site, which is a quick process with a few simple steps. On William Hill, you click on the Join Now button and then follow the clear and concise instructions. Quick note: you can skip the registration step and do it after you place the bet.



Here’s a quick simple guide:

  1. Since William Hill cover many sports markets, Formula 1 fans will want to follow this link to find the page with the F1 odds:
  2. Then, place your bet (for example Lewis Hamilton one of the favourites for winning) and press “place bet”
  3. Now you have to register (unless you’ve done it before) or login.

That’s pretty much it!

Formula 1 Odds

Odds are an indication of an athlete’s or team’s chances of winning a particular event. Odds are usually based on recent wins, the health and condition of the athlete, and many other factors. Current F1 Champion, Sebastien Vettel, is given very good odds of winning the F1 Championship, though Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are the current favourites.

To bet on the F1 driver of your choice, peruse the odds page (shown), and click on the driver you want to bet on. A little window will open on the right side of the screen – this is your virtual betting slip. Fill in the amount you want to wager, and click on Place Bet. All that’s left to do is keep your fingers crossed, follow the race, hope your driver comes in first, and collect your winnings, which will be placed in your account.

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