Vettel: The new Formula 1 sound is sh*t and I think for the fans as well


Sebastian Vettel not happy with the new sound of F1

Sebastian Vettel has thrown his weight behind those who believe that the new Formula 1 sound, made by the all new V6 turbo powered cars, is not what the sport is about and not what fans want.

Speaking on the eve of the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend, Vettel responded to questions by reporters about the unspectacular sound and his response was, “It’s sh*t. That’s my opinion and I think for the fans as well. I think Formula One has to be spectacular and the sound is one of the most important things.”

“When I was a small child, I don’t remember much, but I remember when I was six years old and we went to see the cars live during Free Practice, the one thing I remember was the sound. How loud they were, to feel the cars through the ground and the whole ground was vibrating. It’s a shame that you don’t have that.”

Regarding his chances at Sepang, after a problematic pre-season with the troublesome Renault Power Unit, Vettel said “It was a relief to see that the package was quick, we just need to make sure that we get everything together and make the package reliable.”

Sebastian Vettel walks the Sepang track with his Red Bull crew

Sebastian Vettel walks the Sepang track with his Red Bull crew

“I hope for here we can have a reliable package and keep up the performance and even improve from where we were in Australia. Anything is possible here.”

“I wouldn’t mind some rain here, Dan has proved that the car was quick in the wet as well last week so we will see,” added Red Bull’s four time World Champion.

Regarding the noise made by the current generation of F1 cars, Jenson Button declared that it is not up to drivers to complain about the sound.

He told media, “Go and race something else if you’re not happy. As drivers we don’t have an opinion where the cars are in terms of sound and feel.”

“But when you cross the finish line first you’ve won a grand prix, so you don’t care what the car sounds like or what it looks like. You’ve beaten the best in the world, and that’s all you care about,” said the 2009 Formula 1 World Champion. (GP247)

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  • Severn

    Cue a bunch of petulant “fans” claiming that no, they just LOVE the new sound. Or lack of sound.

    If Vettel criticized conquest, war, famine and death, there are a lot of people who’d feel the need to leap to the defense of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.

  • Krunksoft

    Go finish a race Seb. Go out and COMPETE in your “crappy” sounding car. Then you can talk. You’re worried about the wrong thing man!! We all know the better you compete the better the car will sound to you anyway.

  • Krunksoft

    The sound of the old cars was cool but I’m not married to it like it seem alot of fans are. It has been a nasty divorce and it’s becoming a bit amusing to read all these complaints. I don’t think the new sound is bad, it’s just different, a more mature and deep tone. I’m more interested in the battles between these drivers and manufacturers myself. The competition is the essence, at least that’s what I always thought. Some people want it loud and some just wanna see some good racing above all else and it looks like we’re gonna have that this season. Why dwell on this when there’s nothing that can be done this season that wouldn’t require a redesign of the power units, which isn’t going to happen? Anyone willing to place bets on what point in the season fans will stop complaining about the sound and focus on the fight?

  • BS

    If your baby boy had won last race, me thinks he’d be just fine with the sound.

  • Severn

    A typical F1 fan: “We need drivers who are not afraid to speak their own minds, instead of these boring and bland corporate shills. But not you, Vettel. You shut the f%&* up!”

  • bobmendon

    Severn – so in your tiny mind, how is that you think Vettel is not entitle to his opinion as you obviously believe you are entitled to yours and you haven’t won four WDC’s.

  • RBC

    We got used to wide front wings and tiny rear wings. That was an ugly move. Then the step front nose. Now even uglier noses. And quiet engines. Fuel saving, tire saving. If this was a TV show it would be a comedy. But somehow we just keep watching F1.

  • BS

    Hey bob, try to keep up…I know you’re old, so I’ll walk you through it…Severn is the one the is queer for vettel….he is quoting other people while defending his hero man child vettel.

  • BS

    Severn you use petulant a lot…perhaps you are queer for that word….but it seems to describe you best.

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  • Will Powers

    Maybe what he meant to say was: “this new Renault power unit sounded terrible on the way back to the pits for my DNF and resulting zero championship points.”

    But seriously, the engines are quieter this year for a good reason: F1 is a laboratory for car makers and the new PUs consume 30+% less fuel than last year. Maybe future road cars will be quieter and use less fuel as a result, which suits me just fine.

    The ugly noses though– I think it will be at least 2015 before I change my MP4/4 desktop wallpaper.

  • Will Powers

    The Mercedes-power drivers don’t seem to be complaining about their engine sound…

  • Will Powers

    Petulant fan here, just loving that new sound. L.o.v.e. i.t.

  • Severn

    “Severn you use petulant a lot.”

    You’re petulant a lot, BS. if you stopped being that way I wouldn’t have to use the word.

  • Severn

    You’re a typical nasty little bigot who uses “queer” as his notion of the ultimate put down.

  • BS

    Not even close…I’ve described myself as queer before. It’s not sexual…you just think it is.

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  • Severn

    “Anyone willing to place bets on what point in the season fans will stop complaining about the sound and focus on the fight?”

    Based on the the last several seasons? Never. For a lot of these “fans” F1 is not a sport, it’s pantomime. It’s professional wrestling. The fight is largely irrelevant, what matters to them is cheering the people designated as “heroes” and booing the ones designated as “villains”.

  • BS

    If I’m responding to you petulantness, am i the petulant one…or is it you.

    You seem to be wound a bit too tight. Go have a drink or a toke and relax…lied is too short to be so angry.

  • Krunksoft

    EXACTLY!! Mercedes-powered drivers are probably spooning with their cars at night right now. I bet they wake up in the morning and gently buff them off with a diaper and if you’re not working on the cars they ask that you not stare at them too long.

  • Krunksoft

    Gentlemen!! C’mon now….

  • BS

    If you say so…

  • Amos James

    Shut up Bob, you bigot! Don’t make me call the warden and have them remove your Internet privileges.

  • Paul

    Something else for the RB driver to complain about. If you don’t like it get out of the sport.

  • BS

    “Over the radio Vettel sounded fraught, even slightly petulant, in Melbourne, and it will be interesting to see how he would react to another early retirement – especially if Ricciardo ends up on the podium again. “

    Vettel, petulant? Say it ain’t so!

  • BS
  • Tamburello1994

    So he hasn’t got a right to an opinion now?

    You shouldn’t of clicked on the article if you were predisposed to dismiss what he had to say. No one forced you to read it.

  • Paul

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Obviously like many other commentators on this website they feel that they have the right to tell everyone what they should think. Well you express your opinion I have mine and that is what I expressed.

  • Tamburello1994

    Nice word salad you got going there.

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    I wonder what the FIA will do abouth him, because Villeneuve called the new rules (narrowed cars, grooved tires) “shit” in 98 and got summoned before the FIA’s discipline committee and was put on probation IIRC. Funny how I’m sure nothing will happen to wonderboy here…

  • Stoner

    Yeah, Alonso doesn’t want to give an opinion because of fear that fans may backlash.. Nice corporate skills, that why he is the most marketable driver.. !!

  • Stoner

    This guy ^^^^ who sells fraud genuine parts is a GENUINE TROLL