Switch to Mercedes power was not a fluke decision for Williams

Claire Williams and Toto Wolff in Melbourne

Claire Williams and Toto Wolff in Melbourne

Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams has denied that her Williams team simply lucked into being powered by the best Formula 1 engine for the sport’s new V6 turbo era.

Having struggled to just ninth in the 2013 standings with Renault power, Grove based Williams is now working with the field-leading Mercedes.

And the FW36 is regarded as probably the best 2014 car behind the works Mercedes.

Some think that Williams simply lucked into the best engine for the revolutionary new era, but Williams insists that is not so.

“We were in our second year with Renault after a long history with them,” she is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

“But we did a huge amount of research into understanding how Renault and the other manufacturers would go with the rule changes.

“It was obvious early last year where some of the manufacturers were in the developmental stage,” Williams explained.

“We talked with Renault and Mercedes about it, and we decided to go with Mercedes. It was a very conscious decision,” she added.

Williams admitted that the team’s close ties to Mercedes’ Toto Wolff – still a co-owner and also husband of test driver Susie – helped the talks along.

“We were able to exchange information with him,” she revealed. (GMM)

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  • Massimo Merebini

    does anyone know how much an F1 engine costs ?

  • McLarenfan

    Over 20 million and Renault is the most expensive ta reported 22million

  • Ajmobileguru

    Is that per year or per engine? Sounds like the cost per year of engine supply.

  • McLarenfan

    If I remember correctly that is per power unit these prices were published last year when I think it was Yella were reporting about the price ranges per unit per team and how that would reflect on the budgets.

  • Hawk

    Mclarenfan.. I always respected your knowledge about these matters. However, I am shocked at how you can come to such an illogical conclusion.
    Do you mean to say that each of the F1 teams incl. Lotus, Caterham, Marussia, etc will spend at least 200m euro (5 engines per car) this season? Think about it now.. in case you haven’t

  • McLarenfan

    I did and it shocked the hell out of me but that was the figure quoted 19 million – 22 million I had 3 hart attacks one for each Power Unit manufacturer but this was at the time when they were saying these are going to destroy the sport and the FIA were saying the manufacturers will have to absorb some of the cost!!!! I thought they had with all the R & D. As you say thinking about it It may be 19 – 22 per car per season but I have looked all over with the popular search engine that normally finds stuff and I cant find any costs it has vanished I say the Men in Black from France have made it vanish.

  • Massimo Merebini

    indeed Hawk , it does sound like a lot . I read somewhere it costs around 250k but that sounds like too little . Unless it’s 250×17 races .

  • McLarenfan

    I did respond to this but it has vanished I also thought at the time it was obscene to charge this kind of price but looking for cost in all searches I cant find any prices but I do remember it was a Yella report. I hope I t is per season but it also stated Totd saying the manufacturers should absorb some of the cost if that is the case the FIA should absorb a chunk too.