Panis not a fan of new era of green low volume Formula 1

Olivier Panis

Olivier Panis

Formula 1 veteran Olivier Panis has admitted he is no fan of the all new Formula 1 V6 turbo era.

“Honestly, yes,” he answered when asked by France’s sport365 if the 2014 opener in Melbourne left him feeling frustrated.

Panis, now 47, raced through the heart of the old Formula 1 era, when mammoth budgets and screaming V10s echoed around the circuits of the world.

The Frenchman said he was “shocked” when he heard the comparatively meek sound of the turbo V6s.

“I think the sound is part of Formula 1, because it allows you feel the power of these machines,” Panis said. “Now it’s not there.”

He also dislikes the idea that, instead of being flat-out, cars and drivers are now nursing a limited amount of fuel to the chequered flag.

“Formula 1 has ceased to be what it was before,” said Panis. “The races were sprints, not marathons. Formula 1 has evolved into endurance racing.”

He revealed that even the arguments about Formula 1 needing to race into a ‘green’ future are not convincing.

“They say that electric cars are the transport of the future, but I am not sure about that,” said Panis, who won the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix and last raced for Toyota in 2004.

“Electric cars create new problems, such as the disposal of batteries. I do not believe that electricity is the ‘new fuel’ for motor vehicles.

And “Formula 1 has never been ‘green’,” Panis insisted. “Formula 1 is performance, and that’s what the fans love.” (GMM)

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  • Barlow

    Another person who knows what he’s talking about. If you want green, buy a phucking horse. If you want performance try 2013 F1!! 2014 F1 is about sewing machines racing vacuum cleaners!! Good Luck!!

  • Rija

    If you want performance you might want to look at 2004 F1 rather than 2013.

  • McLarenfan

    At last someone else that sees this is not green it is a farce batteries will never be “GREEN”. Other fuels would have been better formula they could have worked with the fuel suppliers to combine some other ingredient to make the fuel go further but no they decided on batteries we ready have that in Le Mans.

  • Barlow

    Roger That!!

  • Dave Bates

    Electric vehicles need to be plugged in ! & guess what fuel source supplies your sockets ? As for F1, how much fuel is used transporting these heavy batteries around the globe ? & if F1 racing was serious about this vision, then maybe a look at their transportation methods. & the elites think the masses are crazy ! ! lol enjoy your racing, & if not, . Then you can always flip channels & watch F1. Regards DB.

  • Dave Bates

    Furthermore ” on a lighter note ” ! If there is certainty that fossil fuel will run out one day, then lets go out with a bang & not a wimper who cares if fossil fuel runs out a few days earlier than planned ? lets use the last few gallons & have bloody good race. The next race can be driven by a mixture of fart gas & camel dung ? or maybe not. Cos who owns all the camels. ? mmmm any thoughts on good race gas ?