Kehm dismisses F1 doctor Hartstein’s pessimism on Schumi recovery

Michael Schumacher with Sabine Kehm

Michael Schumacher with Sabine Kehm

Michael Schumacher’s manager has hit back at claims that ‘really bad news’ about the Formula 1 legend’s condition and recovery is in the pipeline.

Ex Formula 1 doctor Gary Hartstein claimed that, more than 12 weeks into the great German’s coma, it is “less and less likely” that Schumacher will recover.

He thinks that “really bad news” about the former F1 great’s prospects might be issued soon, due to the “terribly dismal prognosis”.

Citing sources, Hartstein was also critical of Schumacher’s early treatment following his skiing fall on the French ski alps, and predicted that doctors at the Grenoble hospital will eventually move the 45-year-old out of his bed if a patient with better prospects needs it.

In the wake of Hartstein’s comments, Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm said: “What I said in my last statement is still true.

“We remain confident that Michael will pull through and wake up, and we are fighting for that together with a team of doctors that we trust,” she told Bild newspaper.

The German newspaper report questioned Hartstein’s claims that his comments were based on the information of “usually impeccable sources”.

Bild knows that, during his time in Formula 1, Hartstein was never close to Michael Schumacher.

“He has not had contact with Schumacher’s family or the doctors,” the report added. (GMM)

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  • John Cousins

    Hello all as an F1 fan for many years I have never particularly liked Herr Schumacher due to his arrogance and bullying ways on track but as a human being he is a very good guy and I wish him and his family all the very best for the future. Its sad that people cant see past there own prejudices but I for one would love to see Michael make a full and permanent recovery he deserves no less after all his wonderful gestures to help others.

  • RBC

    Gary Hartstein is an honest person, which is why the FIA kicked him out and why some people are really upset with him now. They want to shoot the messenger. There is so much politics in F1 and so little truth. It used to be about drivers going fast. Now it is all about politics, money, PR spin and nothing to do with racing. GP2 is almost as fast, louder and far more exciting racing at 1/100th the cost.

  • McLarenfan

    My feelings are pretty much the same as yours and after what he did to Damon I hated him but when he came back with Mercedes my opinion of him changed he was a totally different person and better for it. Get Well Michael prove the doubters wrong.