Vettel named Laureus World Sportsman of the Year


Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel and American swimming sensation Missy Franklin were named Laureus Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year on Wednesday in a ceremony filled with tributes to those affected by the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

Nearly all of the seven winners at the lavish awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur remarked on flight MH370, which went missing 18 days ago with 239 passengers and crew on board after leaving Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing.

Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak opened the ceremony, after a moment’s silence, and talked about the strength his nation could take from the achievements of the nominees. Satellite images have shown possible debris of the missing plane in the southern Indian Ocean, miles off course.

“Sport reflects what is happening in the world,” Razak told the audience. “But for millions of people sport is also an escape, from hardship, from poverty, from conflict. In the hardest times we look for heroic feats to inspire us. For Malaysia this is one such time.


“At this difficult moment we draw strength from individual stories of perseverance, of generosity, and endurance. The nominees here tonight display those values.”

Malaysia had stepped in to host the ceremony – which featured a performance from Grammy-winning singer and actor Jamie Foxx and was hosted by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch – after Rio de Janeiro was dropped amid local reports that the Brazilian state government owed Laureus money.

Franklin, 18, collected the first award of the night in recognition of her stunning efforts in the pool in 2013 as she became the first woman to win six golds at a single world championship event in Barcelona, last August.

The four-time Olympic champion gushed at her surprise at winning the award, presented by compatriot and swimming great Mark Spitz, ahead of five others including American tennis player Serena Williams and Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

F1 Grand Prix of India - Race

Vettel enjoyed similar dominance of his sport by winning 13 of 19 Formula One races, including the last nine, in 2013 as he took two fourth consecutive world titles – the drivers’s title for himself, and the constructors’ for his team.

The German, in Kuala Lumpur ahead of Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix, beat athletes Usain Bolt and Mo Farah, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, American basketball player LeBron James and tennis player Rafa Nadal to the prize.

“It’s a big honour. It’s one of the most special trophies I have received,” Vettel said after being selected by the Laureus Academy, featuring 46 sporting greats including former world champion Emerson Fittipaldi, who handed him the award.

Spaniard Nadal completed a hat-trick of Laureus awards after he took the Comeback of the Year prize after bouncing back from a seven-month absence to win the 2013 French and U.S. Opens as well as five ATP Masters titles.


“How tough the year before with my injury? I never thought I would have the chance to come back as I did so for that reason this Laureus means more,” he said in a recorded message.

Bayern Munich were named World Team of The Year after the German side completed a treble by winning the Bundesliga, Champions League and German Cup, while MotoGP champion Marc Marquez took the Breakthrough of the Year prize after taking the title in his rookie season.

Marie Bochet, the French paralympic skier, was named sportsperson of the year with a disability, with Jamie Bestwick named World Action Sportsperson of the Year. (Reuters)

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  • BS

    A greedy dxxx, who throws a fit when things don’t go his way gets sportsman of the year? Odd.

  • Severn

    It’s odd that obnoxious petulant children like yourself who scream their heads off because they don’t like who’s winning a sporting competition are in the habit of casting aspersions at other peoples character. THAT is odd.

  • pitwall

    I find it interesting that you say BS is screaming his head off when he hasn’t used cap locks and you have! That is really odd…

  • BS

    2 Sebastian Vettelt to Guillaume Rocquelin Angrily
    Do something! I have no power, less IC than normal and no ‘K’! No ‘K’!

    2 Sebastian Vettel to Guillaume Rocquelin Angrily
    That’s ridiculous guys!

    Sebastian Vettel blatantly ignored team orders and fought his way past Red Bull teammate Mark Webber to win the Malaysian Grand Prix. A livid Webber finished second. Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, who were also under team orders, but in their case they adhered to them, took third and fourth places.

  • BS
  • Amos James

    An individual’s story or perseverance. ..

    The poor bugger has had to put up with having the fastesr car for the last four and a half seasons.

    Truly inspiring.

    I think Maldonado should have won. He made a truly inspiring career choice by moving to lotus for 2014.

  • Severn

    I find it interesting you think emphasizing a word is “screaming”.

  • Severn

    Yes? And? You think he should have said what, exactly?

    I could remind you of Hamilton’s moaning over the radio on many occasions. But what would be the point? You don’t object to drivers moaning, you object to Vettel moaning. And that’s what makes you childish and petulant.

  • Severn

    Funny how “the fastest car” never looked like the fastest car when Webber drove it. Cue the childish and petulant cries of “They sabotaged Webber’s car!”

  • BS

    The issue is he was awarded “sportsman of the year”.

    I’m sorry that you’re queer for vettel.

    And who said I like Hamilton, he’s a cxxt, too.

  • bobmendon

    BS….just quit hating and quit being homophobic. You are really acting childish here.

  • BS

    I’m not at all a homophobe…it’s just an expression.

  • Amos James

    It always looked like the fastest car. All those front rows and podiums weren’t because the car was slow.

    When webber’s KERS lastest the entire race, he was usually on the podium.

    When he didn’t stuff up his front row starts and get swamped, he was often p2 behind seb.

    No cries of sabotage, here.

    But I’m sure someone else will bring it up :)

  • Amos James

    You’re the biggest bigot on this site, Bob.

  • Amos James

    I find it interesting that you all find what others feel is interesting to be so interesting.

  • Raja Bomoh Nujum VIP

    kamu semua bodoh

  • Massimo Merebini

    i’m an alonso fan but all the power to Vettel , he did a fantastic job .
    Except for the Hakkinen-Coulthard McLaren era no team managed to put 2 equally consistent cars on the grid , not even Ferrari so it was a no brainer that Red Bull bet on their young super talented adoptive son vs. an ageing “he may still have it” teammate . I could never figure out what Webber did to deserve that seat , utmost respect to his fighting spirit but he didn’t belong there .

  • Massimo Merebini

    why the insult ?

  • Massimo Merebini

    what’s wrong with being homophobe ? if they get the right to be vocal about their lifestyle others have an equal if not much older right to oppose that lifestyle….back to F1

  • farizY

    Haha, put a sock in it, 2013 is over,quit whining about Vettel this and Vettel that.

  • Raja Bomoh Nujum VIP

    nak kena penampor buaya ke cucu ?

  • Raja Bomoh Nujum VIP

    roti massimo ke kamu ni ?

  • bobmendon

    The bridge trolls and fools that lurk on this site are abhorrent. Nobody ever said you weren’t entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own facts. If you have something to say then do it without being immature or petty. Use an occasional fact or two and not spew forth conspiracies and make up your own facts. Using bigoted responses by saying some body is queer for somebody demonstrates a character that is devoid of decency. People you don’t need to hate.

  • BS


    adj. adjective
    Deviating from the expected or normal; strange.
    a queer situation.
    Odd or unconventional, as in behavior; eccentric.
    Of a questionable nature or character; suspicious.

    I didn’t say he was a fag…but of course for some of you that would be a cigarette.

    It doesn’t mean you fantasize about him in a sexual way…it means you rush to his defense, dare anyone say something bad about him.

    I’ve been queer for people that way too.

    But, I’m glad to see the PC police are out. Don’t be such a bundle of sticks.

  • Amos James

    Bobmendon is a poopyhead

  • Amos James

    Wow, Seb is a real Douche. I didn’t realize how badly he behaves.

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    Raja , you really gotta learn English if you want people to engage with you on this site

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    Kamu ingat atok tak tahu bahasa inggeris ka? Kamu ingat kamu pandai sangat? Nak kena hantar ke alam bunian ka?