Montagny doubts Lotus will be competitive with 100 less staff

Lotus F1 factory at Enstone (File Photo)

Lotus F1 factory at Enstone (File Photo)

Former F1 driver turned TV pundit Franck Montagny has made a bleak assessment of beleaguered Lotus 2014 prospects, in the aftermath of a huge staff exodus from the Enstone based team.

Lotus’ campaign so far has been nothing short of disastrous as the visually-striking E22 struggles not only for pace, but merely to run.

“It is a really complicated situation for them,” Montagny told Le Figaro.

“They lost Eric Boullier to McLaren, but that’s not the only thing – they are a hundred people less at Enstone after the winter.

“100 people is significant and cannot be easily overcome. Today, I do not see how they can go back to the top of the table.

“They will be able to fight for the points but aiming higher, I would say, seems very difficult,” Montagny added. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    When Mansor Ijaz and Quantum remember to part with the cash they have been promising they may be able to get the staff back, Mansor promised to part with his own cash before Christmas and then vanished.

  • Paul

    You really think that offer was real. He (MI) just wanted to swan around with the powerful and beautiful people in the Paddock. The deal is dead and gone – that’s the reason Lopez is now more involved with the operation.

  • McLarenfan

    Of course I think it was Bull just like he is a super-spy trusted by every one and has brokered deals between super powers.

    But his brother is a battery specialist and is awesome at inventing stuff so they can use his brother to help make the battery packs.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Lopez himself got him in to raise interest in Lotus or to raise the value to another interested party.

    You could tell √Čric Boullier was sick of listening to Ijaz in some of the interviews.