Mateschitz: The alternative to Renault power is to make an engine ourselves

Dietrich Mateschitz with Christian Horner

The only missing ingredient in Red Bull’s 2014 world title arsenal is a state-of-the-art engine to enable to compete at the front and mount a serious campaign to claim a fifth successive title.

That is the view of billionaire team owner Dietrich Mateschitz, who told the Austrian news agency APA on Tuesday that Red Bull’s only alternative to struggling supplier Renault would be for the team to build its own engine.

Asked if all of Red Bull’s current problems are in the area of Renault’s new turbo V6 ‘Power Unit’, Mateschitz answered: “Yes. I think our car is once again ‘state of the art’, but in order to prove this, it also needs a perfect Power Unit in terms of hardware and software.”

Even in the midst of the reigning quadruple world champion team’s successes, the relationship between Red Bull and Renault has often been strained.


Given the problems now, Mateschitz was asked by APA if Red Bull sees any alternatives to working with the French marque.

“Probably just to make an engine ourselves,” he answered.

However, Mateschitz said that he is confident that Red Bull can quickly catch Formula 1’s currently dominant team, Mercedes.

“I am confident this process will be fast and we can catch up to Mercedes by the third race,” the 69-year-old said ahead of the second race of 2014, Malaysia. “There is no reason to think that [winning the 2014 title] is not still our goal.”

Mateschitz even tipped Sebastian Vettel – who has shown signs of frustration in 2014 so far – to ride out the storm with Red Bull.

“For four and a half of his five years with us, Sebastian has had a car with which he can win,” he said. “He has more than enough character, professionalism and loyalty to overcome this phase together with the team.” (GMM)

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  • Mudar Bahri

    I don’t think that building and developing a competitive F1 engine is a valid option unless the point is re-branding a ready-made engine which raises the question: which engines supplier is welling to play this role?

  • Nowhereman

    Watch em buy Cosworth…LOL

  • pitwall

    Oh yes its our engine that we made in facilities we totally bought….

  • pitwall

    ”He has more than enough character, professionalism and loyalty to overcome this phase together with the team.”

    Yes he has loads of character, and all bad. Bad winner, bad loser.

  • McLarenfan

    It would take too long to start manufacturing a quality Power Unit for them selves even for next season they would have to purchase a facility ready made for the purpose of just putting together pre-made parts let alone to machine and cast every little component then they would need the test rigs and a design team and an Adrian Newey from the engine world. I don’t think they would find it an easy task to build a complete Red Bull car