Button: We’ve turned a corner and have a racecar we can definitely work with this year

Jenson Button prepares to leave the garage.

McLaren endured a well below par season in 2013, but after a winter revolution at Woking the second most successful Formula 1 team in history have reversed the downhill trend and are firmly on the rebound, according to driver Jenson Button.

“Australia was a really motivational race for the entire team – even though we still have work to do, it feels like we’ve turned a corner, and that we have a racecar we can definitely work with this year,” said Button on the eve of the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend.

“It’s important that we keep pushing hard on the development front – we brought some useful upgrades to Melbourne, and it was encouraging that they worked straight out of the box, but it’s essential that we keep pushing new items through the development pipeline, especially at these flyaway races, where it’s harder to bring new parts to the circuit.”

Jenson Button.

Button won the Malaysian Grand Prix during his championship year back in 2009, and he has fond memories of the venue.

“Sepang is a great driver’s circuit, and even if we don’t have the overall downforce we want, we should have the balance and driveability to make the car work. And that’s really encouraging, because it means we go into a race weekend knowing that we can usually get the maximum from the car during the sessions and the race.”

“Even if we don’t yet have the pace to take the fight to the frontrunners, we should have a car that’s decent in every sector, and which we’ll be able to hustle through the race – and that definitely counts for something,” concluded Button who will be looking to add to his 15 grand prix victories, in Malaysia this weekend. (GP247)

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  • luis gonzy

    “It’s important that we keep pushing hard on the development front ….. To be honest I do not think , he has a clue of development ; he couldn’t developed ” HIS ” best McLaren ever !! he should be a politician , he is very good talking .

  • http://darrenstuart.com RetroRaceCars_ninjamonk

    I don’t know of any driver that can develop a car on their own. The use of We is key to what he is saying. He is without a doubt one of the best talkers in F1 and the team like that and thats why he is a respected driver in F1 by those in the sport.

  • Dave Bates

    Hi all ! Appologies if this comment is not totaly on subject, but does anyone have info on McLarens beautiful rear suspension ? I read many reports on pre season tests & that other teams were set to contest the legality of the design. Maybe i,ve missed something somewhere, & the fuss is all over ! Anyone ? regards DB.

  • McLarenfan

    Its a clever idea and it has been declared legal so far

  • Dave Bates

    Appreciate that, thanks & enjoy Malaysia

  • McLarenfan

    No problem, you too it should be interesting even though it will be very quiet lol