Todt: I do not want Formula 1 economy runs and we can look to making it noisier

Jean Todt

Jean Todt

The FIA is not closed-minded about making its brave new engines louder and less fuel-efficient, president Jean Todt has revealed.

The low-profile Frenchman made the comments to the Italian broadcaster Rai following fierce criticism of the sport’s new ‘Power Unit’ era in the wake of the 2014 opener in Australia.

“There should be calm before reaction,” Todt is quoted.

However, he indicated that he agrees with those who think that the amount of fuel-saving necessary to get to the end of grands prix is excessive.

“I do not want Formula 1 ‘economy runs’,” said the former Ferrari team boss.

“The permitted amount of fuel, 100 kilograms, was proposed by the teams. For me it is not a problem if they want it to be 100kg.”

Start of a new era

Start of a new era

But Todt said fuel-saving had nothing to do with the lack of overtaking in Melbourne.

“Instead it is the aerodynamics of the cars and the circuit in Melbourne, for example, has never been very good for overtaking.

“I am convinced that very soon we will see a lot of overtaking,” he added. “So let’s wait before making judgements.”

Todt also indicated that he is alert to the shrill criticism of Formula 1’s new turbo V6 ‘Power Units’, which trackside at Albert Park were recently likened to ‘sewing machines on wheels’.

“The noise is obviously different now, and if there is a problem with it then if the teams agree we can look at a way to make it noisier,” he said, adding that he personally finds the tones of the new Formula 1 era “fascinating”. (GMM)

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  • Barlow

    That’s right, that’s what we want, louder sewing machines!!

  • McLarenfan

    Talk about pass the buck “The teams chose the mount of fuel”. They can’t overtake because of the aerodynamics not down to lack of speed and power, who changed the aerodynamics?

  • Boycottthebull

    As usual the troll blames the teams and never takes responsibility for his organisation destroying the sport (as long as he gets his slice of the pie). I dont think the teams voted for unreliable and inconsistent flow meters that effectively allow the FIA to determine who wins the race by giving them directives to turn the flow down to make the meter look like its complying to the rules.

  • F1 Engineer

    The teams changed the aerodynamics, just like they change everything else, because the teams make the rules. If you don’t know this by now then you don’t know how F1 operates. Read about FISA/FOCA war and then you can figure it out.

    When the new engine formula was put into effect the FIA put forward the reintroduction of ground effects aero to the teams(because of its higher efficiency), but the teams refused to come to an agreement on a new aero formula so they just adapted some changes to the old one.

    The FIA only enforces the rules, it is the TWG and SWG that make the rules, and those are made up of team employees.

  • McLarenfan

    Your view is a very big generalization not all the changes re team orientated also the teams have to draw the line somewhere and with the cost of R & D for the power units the new Aerodynamics and associated equipment to run the toasters do you think they want to up the expense by going back to ground affect I doubt it this years cost has been obscene.

  • Robert Doyle


  • Robert Doyle

    Have you ever heard a great French Porno….absolutely not…get a German in charge of F1 and then hear the bedroom noise. Trust me.

  • Robert Doyle

    French fink thought Renault would rule and he get backhanders but it backfired. Again want great porn get a German involved.