‘Submarine’ risk with new noses realised at season opener

Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Race, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Sunday 16 March 2014

Adrian Newey’s pre-season warnings about ‘submarining’ Formula 1 cars have already been realised.

Red Bull’s criticism of Formula 1’s all-new era had to be heard amid the depth of the reigning world champions’ winter crisis after four consecutive seasons of dominance.

Designer Newey, however, had expressed alarm about the new, low front noses, arguing not only that they are ugly, but they might also be dangerous.

The reduced height minimised the risk of cars being launched into the air, but “I am concerned the opposite may now happen, that cars now [will] submarine effectively,” the Briton had said.

Indeed, an alarming image of the crash involving Kamui Kobayashi and Felipe Massa at the first corner in Melbourne has now emerged.

The photograph depicts precisely what Newey had feared — the low front of Kobayashi’s Caterham ‘submarining’ under the diffuser of Massa’s Williams, which is lifted perhaps 30 cm off the Albert Park tarmac.

A similar incident at a higher speed could foreseeably result in contact between the elevated rear-end and the head of the ‘submarining’ driver.

The Melbourne photo can be seen at Italy’s Omnicorse: http://www.omnicorse.it/img/articoli/evidenza/35890_i_musi_bassi_sono_pericolosi__bisogna_intervenire_.jpg (GMM)

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  • RBC

    Retards running the show.

  • Robin Ducker

    Yes it happened just as JKS and Newey predicted. It’s been a very doubtful move. If you want to stop the following car from taking off then you need the rear wheels protected. As any bike rider can tell you, as soon as a front wheel hits a refer wheel it’s all over rover. This is amplified no end by the larger rear diameter tires.

  • jimjimmy123

    We had MUCH lower noses from 1971 to 1995, that’s 26 years where no catastrophic “submarining” accidents happened. People today cannot look back more than when they started watching F1 which was 1 year ago probably.

    Newey just want his air back.

  • Jerry Holloway

    Which is exactly why the current-gen Indycar has a bumper behind the rear wheels.