Flashback: The day Vettel defied team orders at drama packed 2013 Malaysian GP

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel on his way to victory in Malaysia

Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel scored his 27th Formula 1 career victory after a dramatic Malaysian Grand Prix, which started on a wet Sepang Circuit and ended in controversy as Red Bull’s Mark Webber, who finished second, felt robbed of victory by his defiant teammate.

After the heat of combat and some choice questions from the media  in the post race press conference Vettel admitted, “I messed up today. I don’t care about the criticism. I owe an explanation to Mark and the team and that’s it. For sure it’s not a victory I’m very proud of because it should have been Mark’s.”

“I had a very short word with Mark and then it hit me quite hard and I realised that I f*cked up. I want to say sorry to Mark. He was trying to save the car and tyres, but I took a lot of risk in passing him when he was trying. I didn’t ignore that, but I shouldn’t have done it,” added the three time world champion.

Second placed Mark Webber and race winner Sebastian Vettel Racing on the podium

Second placed Mark Webber and race winner Sebastian Vettel Racing on the podium

Earlier the post celebrations had been morose, and clearly tense as Webber walked into the podium room, Vettel tried to approach him but the Australian was having none of it, saying, “Multi-21, Seb. Multi-21″ most likely in reference to a team order.

On the podium Webber continued, “In the end, Seb made his own decisions and will have protection as usual. I turned my engine down, and as we know he’s a quick pedaller.”

The Red Bull duo, who famously collided while battling for the lead during the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix, were at it again. Their intra team battle started around lap 46 – shortly after they emerged from the pits after their fourth and final stops – with Webber sporting the harder compound tyres leading and Vettel on the Medium options stabbing at the sister car, running side by side, under cutting, over cutting, slip-streaming, touching wheels…you name it, it was no holds barred stuff.

Sebastian Vettel crosses the line to win the Malaysian GP

Sebastian Vettel crosses the line to win the Malaysian GP

Team boss Christian Horner came over the team radio at one point and said, “This is silly, Seb, come on.”

But there was nothing to stop Vettel as he finally wrestled his way past his teammate and thereafter cantered into the distance and his first race win of the new season, but tensions were at fever pitch and look set to remain at a high within the team.

Vettel’s race engineer Guillaume Rocquelin summed it up over the radio as the winner crossed the finish line on his slow down lap, “Good job Sebastian, looks like you wanted that bad enough. Still, there will be some explaining to do.”

Horner, whose management skills will be tested to the limit in the forthcoming days said, “They took it into their own hands, which was uncomfortable for us – we gave them instructions to hold station but Sebastian took it into his own hands to win the race – he wanted to win.”

It was very close between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

It was very close between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

“They’ve raced each other hard before – they’re very good drivers. There are points at stake and they both want to win. For the team it’s hugely uncomfortable. It’s difficult when you have two competitive drivers like ours. It’s difficult to watch because you could end up giving up 43 points. You have to remember there’s two elements to F1 – there’s a drivers’ championship and a constructors’ championship.”

Almost at the same time as the Red Bulls were raging, a civil war had also evolved between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. The Silver Arrows duo having their wheel to wheel battle – for third place – instead of chasing the energy drinks boys, they tripped over themselves. Hamilton was in fuel save mode, while Rosberg had plenty of race in him late on in the race.

On lap 51 Rosberg declared on the radio: “I’m so much faster, let me go past.”

Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn replied: “Negative Nico, negative. Lewis’ pace is what we’re asking him to do. He could go a lot faster as well.”

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg after the race

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg after the race

Rosberg continued to run under Hamilton’s wing, showing his frustration with a stab here and there prompting Brawn to say, “Nico please drop back, there’s nothing to gain – I want to bring both cars home please.”

In the end Hamilton took third place with Rosberg fourth. The German charger responded to Brawn’s praise over the radio by saying,  “Remember this one.”

Credit to Hamilton who sought out Rosberg as he climbed out of the cockpit in parc ferme, the two embraced, and on the podium the Briton was muted in his celebration.

Hamilton said, “The team did a fantastic job if I am honest I really feel Nico [Rosberg] should be standing here, he had a better race than me. I can’t say it’s the best feeling being up here but racing is racing.”

The drama and tensions which shrouded the last half of the race overshadowed an equally dramatic first half.

Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing RB9 and Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari F138 at the start of the race. Formula One World Championship, Rd2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Race, Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday 24 March 2013.

The start was wet

With half of Sepang dry as a bone and the other half very wet and slippery, everyone strapped on Intermediates for the start and when the lights went out it was Vettel and Fernando Alonso who got the jump from the clean side of the circuit.

But the Ferrari tagged the back of Vettel’s Red Bull; the wing on the F138 was knocked seriously askew and dragged on the tarmac, kicking up sparks. Alonso nevertheless continued, actually slugging it out with Webber for second place at times during the first lap.

For some reason Alonso elected to continue, instead of pitting for repairs at the end of lap one. This turned out to be a huge mistake. As he came to the end of the main straight, the wing broke and immediately wedged under the car. He ploughed straight through the kitty litter in Turn 1 and that was that for the Ferrari driver on the occasion of his 200th grand prix start.

The Spaniard mused after his early shower, “Bad luck today…as always over 19 races we will be compensated and we are ready to recover good points in the next race!”

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso was an early casualty

Salvaging some pride for the Maranello squad was Felipe Massa after having botched his start, from second place on the grid spent the rest of the afternoon in recovery mode. Fifth was his reward at the end of the day, but well down on what the reds were expecting from their Malaysian escapade.

One of the big disappointments of the weekend was the amateurish show by Kimi Raikkonen. Granted, the Lotus driver had been penalised three grid places after impeding Rosberg during Qualifying, and thus started tenth. But his race was error strewn and he simply could not find the sweet spot that he found in Melbourne a week earlier.

Adding insult to injury was the fact that he was beaten by Romain Grosjean in the sister car, which by the team’s own admission is running a step behind in configuration to Raikkonen’s E21. Grosjean was sixth and Raikkonen seventh.

Nico Hulkenberg versus Kimi Raikkonen

Nico Hulkenberg versus Kimi Raikkonen

Man of the match in Malaysia must go to Nico Hulkenberg who was battling way above his station in the Sauber. Going wheel to wheel with just about everyone on his way to eighth place. His duel with Raikkonen, which had the Iceman screeching into the radio, was one of the highlights of the grand prix.

McLaren enjoyed a better showing than at the season opener with Sergio Perez finishing ninth and Jenson Button even leading the race at one point. But the performance was way down on their lofty standards, compounded by a DNF for  Button when he parked the troublesome MP4-28 with a couple of laps to go.

Jean Eric Vergne drove his best race to date on his way to tenth place and bagging the final point for Toro Rosso, after a race spent slugging it out with the Williams duo of Valtteri Bottas and Pastor Maldonado.

Jules Bianchi continued to impress in his rookie season with Marussia. The young Frenchman was again best of the drivers toiling in the backmarker teams, finishing 13th and keeping both Caterhams behind him for the second time in a row.

Jenson Button retires from the race

Jenson Button retires from the race

The pit lane was the source of plenty action with Hamilton cause of the zaniest moment of the race when he powered into the McLaren pit area instead of his Mercedes bay. His former crew waved him on, no doubt raising a chuckle despite the inevitable tension of the moment.

Hamilton was bemused as he explained, “I just did a Jenson, for so many years I was used to driving into the McLaren pit stop I don’t know how I got it wrong, so big apologies to my team.”

At Force India they will be musing the  difference a week makes. After scoring a double points finish in Melbourne, and looking strong all weekend at Sepang, they left Malaysia with a double DNF in the most frustrating manner possible.

The team’s wheel nut system failed big time, making the crew look more like the Keystone Cops than a slick F1 pit stop outfit and costing both drivers what were likely to have been points finishes.

Paul di Resta endured a diabolical time during his pit stop

Paul di Resta endured a diabolical time during his pit stop

Team boss Vijay Mallya reported, “Unfortunately things went wrong in the pits when we experienced an issue with our captive wheel nut system at the first stop, which resulted in major delays for both cars. The issue occurred again at the second stop and it became apparent we would not be able to solve it during the race. As a precaution we were forced to retire both cars and will have a full investigation.”

Toro Rosso were fined for releasing Vergne into the path of a Caterham, causing a collision, which the Faenza based team took on the chin, “The Stewards have fined us for a dangerous release from a pit stop and we agree with their decision.”

Malaysian Grand Prix Result – 24 March 2013

Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Pts
1 1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing-Renault 56 1:38:56.681 1 25
2 2 Mark Webber Red Bull Racing-Renault 56 +4.2 secs 5 18
3 10 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 56 +12.1 secs 4 15
4 9 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 56 +12.6 secs 6 12
5 4 Felipe Massa Ferrari 56 +25.6 secs 2 10
6 8 Romain Grosjean Lotus-Renault 56 +35.5 secs 11 8
7 7 Kimi Räikkönen Lotus-Renault 56 +48.4 secs 10 6
8 11 Nico Hulkenberg Sauber-Ferrari 56 +53.0 secs 12 4
9 6 Sergio Perez McLaren-Mercedes 56 +72.3 secs 9 2
10 18 Jean-Eric Vergne STR-Ferrari 56 +87.1 secs 17 1
11 17 Valtteri Bottas Williams-Renault 56 +88.6 secs 18
12 12 Esteban Gutierrez Sauber-Ferrari 55 +1 Lap 14
13 22 Jules Bianchi Marussia-Cosworth 55 +1 Lap 19
14 20 Charles Pic Caterham-Renault 55 +1 Lap 20
15 21 Giedo van der Garde Caterham-Renault 55 +1 Lap 22
16 23 Max Chilton Marussia-Cosworth 54 +2 Laps 21
17 5 Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes 53 +3 Laps 7
18 19 Daniel Ricciardo STR-Ferrari 51 +5 Laps 13
Ret 16 Pastor Maldonado Williams-Renault 45 +11 Laps 16
Ret 15 Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes 27 +29 Laps 8
Ret 14 Paul di Resta Force India-Mercedes 22 +34 Laps 15
Ret 3 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1 Accident 3


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  • McLarenfan

    Vettel due to be on the naughty step, Hamilton feels rough for Nico

  • boss

    Vettel ist der grösste WIXER der WELT so einen Idioten sollte man windelweich schlagen und den Taliban zur Frass werfen. Ein Lob für Weber er solle dies nicht mehr dulden und hoffe das die Rennleitung den Arschvettel disqualifiziert und Redbull eine Strafe zahlen soll. Ich scheiss auf Redbull und auf Scheiss kacke vettelchen… Es lebe Weber und Nico

  • McLarenfan

    Marko Vettel’s rear gunner

  • Graham Gardner

    No point watching F1 any more… Team orders spoil competition and if I had spent good money to watch at the track I would ask for my money back.

    All I can say is that I won’t spend any money on any Red Bull sponsors product.

    Very sad indeed. Vettel should have been 2nd and Rosberg 3rd.

    What a joke.

  • webberbbq

    webber cheated out of another race… Championship… by another cheating german.

  • McLarenfan

    No fuel team orders tyres that are not worth a —- this is becoming a real joke and Kers is a waste of money twin turbo V8’s active suspension wings like barn doors and tyres that grip that’s what we want

  • Dan

    Vettel jumped the team orders. Thats good for racing. You cant stop a winner with three championships.

  • webberbbq

    next time i play f1 on playstation i’ll overtake webber on the outside of the track and im sure ill get about 7 seconds to give back the place. Maybe the FIA bosses should play a bit of playstation and wake up to themselves!

  • Hooters

    Vettel, you are a lying cheating scumbag. You have modelled your career off Schumacher. No wonder. Pass a man who is cruising because the team told him to, and then pretend you had the upper hand. You had 2 years with your illegal ride height adjuster, now you use team orders to cheat to win. Scumbag.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Nice win by Vettel, resistant to team orders.

    Alonso out of race early by own mistake, which is delightful.

  • McLarenfan

    By the time Marko gets his twisted logic going it will be Webber who was deliberately holding Vettel up and Vettel was 100% in the right to fight for the win, we all know Marko wants Mark to leave.

  • Daider

    Don’t know why Red Bull making team order. Early in the race Vettel was way faster and they didn’t let him overtake. Was a strange race very strategic from the boxes. All about the tyres, Pirelli has to change something. Really didn’t see any difference between option and prime today.
    If Hamilton feels bad, why doesn’t he let pass Nico. All of them are egoist, some of them show it more than others. But I think today there was no cheating from Vettel, would have been cheating from Webber if he won.
    Don’t understand people, in case of Mercedes its bad in case of Red Bull its bad too.

  • Ryan

    Vettel doesn’t deserve that victory and shows so little respect for his teammate. What an immature child. Sure he has the world championships, but does he really deserve them all?

    If Hamilton really felt back he should have given the position to Nico. Clearly he didn’t care enough. But I guess Hamilton got the #1 status he always wanted.

    It’s pretty clear what happens to #2 drivers. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. But here is the really question: #2 at RB or lead at Sauber or FI? Decisions, decisions.

  • manu

    Save fuel ? bullcrap

  • Butterfly

    That was a bit of backstabbing by Vettel there. He won’t be making any friends with tactics like that. Webber will get him back, eventually.

    Shame about the Ferrari incident. I guess the pitwall didn’t tell Fernando how serious the damage was. He probably thought it was just a broken endplate or something, not the damn pylon.

    Still, the car had pace, and the bulls are eating their tires.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Vettel immature and no respect for teammate – come on people this is a joke. No one should be bashed for racing. Webber was lying, he was racing too. I it caught him by surprise, how come he was battling for 3 laps….

    This is a joke. Racing should be allowed and non-racing should be banned along.

    People who bash Vettel for racing should watch normal motorway broadcasts.

  • quattro

    Could this podium be THE most disgraceful in history?
    Do we have the winner in the contest of “the most disgraceful 3-time world champion in history”? Have Red Dull made it again, to this nr 2 driver?

    The RACING was over already at lap one, when the (only?) RACER Fernando Alonso was out. After that the formula -1 race, degenerated into a show of disgrace, deal making, gread and team mates stabbing each other in the back to gain a position.

    The “winner” VET, won by attacking WEB knowing WEB had turned down his engine, after request from team. VET obviously, is ready to do even the most disgraceful things in order to win. First agree that “OK, lets turn down the engines and save packages until the end”, only to attack his team mate just after he has turned down the power. Webbers words on the podium “He is protected” say everything about what is going on inside RedDull.

    The 2nd place finisher HAM – Obviously it is written in his contract that his team mate is not allowed to overtake him. ROS (an anti-racer?) not allowed to overtake even though he was seconds per lap faster. Ross Brown will tell that “No, do not overtake HAM! We will discuss after the race”. Obviously, the millions watching this so callled racing “business”, have no saying in those post race “discussions/deals”.

    These are not team orders. I can buy that orders will be given when the faster driver needs to get by the slower one when needed for championship in later stages. What we saw today was team filth and driver disgrace, not team orders.

  • Afonso Ronda

    I can honestly say that I was happy with Vettel taking issues to his hand and attack the #1 position. The whole race was about “pace yourself to highs 1:40, preserve tyres, etc…” and the only gloves out moment was at Mark’s exit from pit. It is unfortunate that Webber got to the wrong end of the knife, but nonetheless he fought as best as he could and lost out.

    The opposite is Rosberg. With a vastly superior car (Hamilton limited by his fuel saving) could not do anything, rather than seat behind his teammate and obey the (team) order. Did he wanted that #3 place that badly? Hamilton knowing that was slower, didn’t relinquish the position.

  • Daider

    Youre disagree with the team order, but youre only racer Alonso wants this so hard. He’s the worst if you talk about Team orders. Nevertheles one of the fastest and completest driver. But Vettel is very fast too. The only ones who should be blamed today is Mercedes and Red Bull. Let them drive to the end. Webber wasn’t in that comfortable postion to pull down the engine. Vettel was on more agressive tactic with soft tyre at the end. That was his strategy, because of the strategy he lost first position in earlier state of the race, when they gave soft to marc and hard to seb

  • Dan

    You can’t blame Vettel for racing to win, it was obvious he was faster the Mark, I think it was a decent fight although Seb risked it a bit, but a great fight all in all, great win for Seb, and well deserved win, Mark was second best today..

  • tinto

    @Quattro… Appalling comments, what are you smoking bro? Tell us to avoid them. Go grab a wheelbarrow and do your own racing, your talking is pure nonsense, nobody can learn from.

  • Hooters

    Yeah a fair fight. Webber was told to turn his engine down and Vettel ignored that fact and fought him. No time in the corners for Webber to turn his engine back up. Vettel passes a guy who has trusted the team and is running his engine slower. It might as well be Schumacher and Barichello with the team telling Rubens to pull over or his life will be in danger next race. Except it wasn’t the team who told Seb to race past Webber, it was just Seb. So much worse than Schumacher. What a total loser Seb is. A cheat worse that Schumacher the greatest cheat in F1.

  • Daider

    @Hooters This must really frustrating you. Let them race a Senna even did never respect Team Orders. May be the teams starting to change about Team Orders. A race finishes after the last lap, like a futbol game lasts 90 Minutes. That Bullshit with turn engine down. Vettel was on the agressive strategy to end with soft tyres. So why do they take him that advantage and tell him him to turn down. May be it was not gentleman like but it was ok

  • quattro

    I now hear that our 3-time champ VET, in post race interview, is denying that he knew that WEB had turned down his engine!!
    Since obviously all others in RedDull knew this was the deal, as we were hearing over the radio during the race, the #1 driver VET was the only member of that team that did not know!
    VET obviously will not just put a knife in the back of his team mate, but also blatantly lie while looking his fans in the eyes. Great stuff!

  • McLarenfan

    Webber told to go lean and formation to the end because of the sh!t tyres Vettel was told to hold station he didn’t webber could have run him wide but respected the team needs the points so Vettel didn’t race he took Webber by surprise and then ran off this makes Vettel the cheating back stabber and he knows it.

  • McLarenfan

    And you are shocked I think not he has his childish moments all the time but as Webber said he is protected by Marko the loon

  • Flash Flaherity of the Long Ski

    Is it now suggesting that drivers giving up positions based on some pit wall radio command is “honorable” F1, while drivers winning against such rubbish is not? If Rosberg or Hamilton had closed up to take Weber or Vettel as they slowed, (all teams hear each others radios, in case you missed that) would that then be unfair? No? Why not? The pundits screaming bloody murder every other time team orders are applied, now support it as it applied to reduce Vettel’s finishing position is hilarious. Pretty obvious that conditional ethics are applied here – meaning that Vettel haters will hate Vettel and use whatever condition they can amp up beyond reason to fuel that hatred. I for one applaud any driver who ignores the idiocy of all the fakery in F1 to win races, even when it makes other upset… booo – hoooo.

  • quattro


    “Vettel was on the agressive strategy to end with soft tyres. So why do they take him that advantage and tell him him to turn down.”

    VET tried using his mediums to get by WEB right after WEB came out from pit with hards, after last stop. He could NOT pass WEB, even though he tried very hard and WEB was on cold tyres.

    Add to that the fact that WEB was on the harder compound and should have the advantage towards the end of the stint, i e when VET “overtook” him.

    This shows that your point does not hold, and that VET only got by WEB by cheating him.

  • pitwall

    Vettel fans will say ‘its ok’ and Webber fans will say ‘its wrong’. I’m not a fan of either driver or team orders, but this is just disgraceful. You don’t just do whatever the hell you like. Vettel is a spoilt child and should be treated as such by everyone. Senna would never have lacked integrity like this.

  • McLarenfan

    Non of us likes team orders but the fact is if as far as the team are concerned the race is in the bag and they tell you to hold station and cruse then you cant go racing your team mate for a start he has powered down so you have an unfair advantage also I noted he waited till he had DRS as well that is pure Sh!t.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Some here act as if they’ve never seen team orders employed in an formula 1 race before. My god.

    Not condoning it but not gonna act as if it doesn’t happen.

  • Daider


    Ok its something to discuss about. Didn’t see really an advantage on the hard tyres today. They used it nearly the same time as the medium ones. Something Pirelli has to work on. Even we saw today that the hard tyre had a good speed at the beginning, after a few laps broke and than came back again, while te medium was more constant.
    Like I said before the ones who should be blamed are Red Bull and Mercedes. I am no fan of any Team Order or agreements. Let them race until the race ends so everything would be clear and we wouldn’t have these discussion today. Too many people looking for team points, sure is for what they get money.
    But foe the fan its irrelevant, I want to see overtaking.
    At one point youre are right, if it have been the other way round I think Vettel would have been worst than Webber today.

  • OzWatcher

    Vettel, you are a product of the team. Without them you are nothing. Today proved just how unequal driver status in the Red Bull team really is. That was enough to make us stop buying Red Bull. Three hollow championships…

  • Butterfly

    What Vettel did was ruthless, and just plain backstabbing.

    But I understand his fear that those points might lose him the title, seeing how Alonso can come out of nowhere and take the title.

    But the fundamental problem in Formula 1 is that this idea of giving both drivers equal status is flawed. There should really be a hierarchy there.

    Or maybe have one car per team? This is all messed up.

  • fawx

    all that little bit of respect i had for vettel have gone down the drain..

    lying and saying that he had “no idea what was going on” instead of manning up and admit his mistake is just… bad

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Vettel was right to race. Drivers should race. Team principals do not like fights, which is natural, but from a spectactors perspective they can go to hell.

    Webber is a liar, he controls his engine maps. Nothing caught him by surprise. He is the same sore bad loser like Alonso. He may go to Ferrari and listen to the radio to hear “Fernando is faster than you’, and there will be nothing to get upset about.

  • quattro


    “But the fundamental problem in Formula 1 is that this idea of giving both drivers equal status is flawed. There should really be a hierarchy there.”

    I agree, but I think that the problem is not in F1 – All teams are, and have always, put more emphasis on the better driver, i e the driver that most probable to give them more points and titles. The only difference have been that some teams have shown respect to the knowledgeable fans and been more open about it, e g Ferrari, while other will do it behind the scenes and pretend they are not using it, e g Mclaren, RedDull.

    The problem I think is rather in some media, who are using the expression “team orders” as a bad/negative thing or in a way to create headlines – or as a tool to promote some teams/drivers as “the good teams” and others as “the bad teams”. Fans that does not use their own heads in figuring out things will believe and act according to the media false rating.

    A good example of this is how Brittish media always screams very highly when Ferrari have used team orders, while closing their eyes completely when some of the Brittish teams or drivers does the same (or worse), eg Mclaren or RedDull. Hakkinen & Hamilton (Mclaren) & Vettel (RedDull) are all drivers that have had great advantages on there way to the title due to team orders/special treatment.

  • Lol.


    Look we all know you only post on here to annoy other people, even you cannot be this stupid. Get out of Vettel’s ass.

    Are you german, by any chance?

  • Butterfly


    What I meant is that the teams should make it clear as daylight that there is a lead driver and a support/no2 driver.

    You’re right about the media – and the Brits in particular – but I think the team making that hierarchy official should make some of those pesky reporters go away.

    Because whenever there’s ambiguity, people start to fill the gaps with crap.

  • Lol.

    Good race tarnished by poor sportsmanship.

    Call it what you want but he ignored team orders. There were no team orders til the final stint. Once again, he could not pass and was trying to get the team to move him.

    He’s a great driver but a pathetic human being at times. Kid needs to grow up.

    Poor show all round today. Alonso crashed due to driver error and failed to pit, Hamilton was totally outclassed by Rosberg and Raikkonen was nothing short of lackluster. The “big 4″ really failed to shine today.

    Well driven by Webber, Rosberg, Massa and Button. What happened to the pit crews today? So many poor stops.

  • quattro


    “Vettel was right to race.”

    The only catch is that WEB was not allowed to race, was he.
    VET failed miserably in overtaking WEB when WEB had the normal engine setting, right after last pit stop. VET could only overtake WEB, after WEB was told by the team it was safe to turn down the engine. No champion would take such a dirty win. No champ would lie afterwards telling the world “I was not aware what was going on”. That is you champ in a nutshell – enjoy!

    “Webber is a liar, he controls his engine maps. Nothing caught him by surprise.”

    I do not agree WEB is a liar, but I will every day of the week agree that he is a coward. Had WEB had any self-respect, he would have taken out VET rather than let him steal a win and dis-respect him like that.

    Kind of ironic. The worst possible first lap for ALO, but somehow I believe ALO was the only champion laughing after the end of the race today. Todays “podium” was really something “special”.

  • quattro


    Got you, yes good point!

  • farizY

    Team order blows…Vettel was clearly faster, just let him through….same goes to Hamilton…

  • Alonso_is_slow


    “The only catch is that WEB was not allowed to race, was he.”

    Last time I looked Webber was fighting Vettel right from the start in title-deciding races last year. He also pushed Vettel on the wrong side in Brazil which caused Vettel getting into traffic and spin.

    He was only asked to let Vettel pass when there was no chance for him in the championship. This is exactly what Mateschitz said – as long as Webber has a chance, they are free to race.

    And dont forget Brazil 2011 when Vettel was cheated by the team with a fake tachnical issue to let Webber take the win. Why did they not ask then Webber to stey behind? Nobody else was racing for the win.

    There is enough competition at Red Bull, and there should not be less.

    In such a team Alonso would bleed dry quickly as he cannot take on competition from teammates.

    you are insignificant

  • Hawk

    You have all been fooled by RB. All u fans and Webber. All that was a farce to have you fooled; and good acting by the RB hierarchy. They wanted Vettel to win and the only way was turn down Webber’s engine, let Seb attack and they acted their way out of it.
    As for Mercedes they shd have let Nico through to attack the RBs. They saw it around lap 44 that Lewis was doing badly on fuel which was much too early.
    @quattro, when was the last time McLaren used team orders? Remind me.
    @butterfly having an official pecking order is good for the team but very bad for us the fans.

  • Lol.


    So are you.

  • Butterfly


    The hierarchical drivers’ team I’m thinking of is not marely the kind where the leader wins and the support looks like a loser at the end of the race/season. I am talking about an orchestrated effort to take the lead driver to the top of the podium, the kind where the support driver really fights for the lead driver, and where engineering resources are distributed such that the lead’s chances are maximized.

    You might think that would be no different than what, say, RBR does right now – only with official stance – but I reckon it would be something to behold.

    And it wouldn’t be boring for the fans, either, since it would take skill to be the support driver, it’s not just about letting the leader pass. The support driver may have to work harder than the lead driver – hence mastery would be shown.

  • Speedo

    Vettel Champ or chump

  • Snoopy48

    Anagram of F1 Race is 1 Farce.

  • Senna one

    And we look back to this in the future as the reason seb finally moved to Ferrari!

  • quattro


    the below occasions spring to mind…probably there is more

    The last time? In the later part of last season was the last time. Whitmarsh declared, at BBC forum, that they would “from then on” focus on HAM since BUT was too far back in the title hunt (even though not mathematically out).

    The time before that? Well, how many times have you heard the team tell BUT to save fuel as soon as he started getting to close to HAM from behind?

    Before that? Brittish GP 2008 (yes, that was the year when HAM beat MAS with one single point) when Kovalainen literally and clearly let HAM by.

    Before that? All the times D Coulthard was forced to let M Hakkinen by and/or not stand in the way.

    All of the above can be seen on youtube if you take a few minutes to search. Enjoy!

  • Tinto

    The champ of records, Seb, has added one more: the 1st to dissobey team orders. I wish he did not excuse his move to the big mouth uncontrollable Webber, only a crazy or self centered person reacts the way Mark does. WTF is Webber? Statistics say an average driver whose butt should get kicked.

  • Joe Kinnear

    I could care less about team orders. Coz I’m no expert, and I don’t really know each team’s real intention in doing so. I just wanted to watch some great overtaking and racing. And Sebs gave me some.

  • Mark

    Oh cmon u all stupid people… “no respect for teammate”, “backstabber”. I watch f1 for the racing, for the overtakes. Not to see some p*ssies with their team orders. Why was it created DRS? to se fking overtakes!!!! “no respect for teammate”??? are you all 8 years old? did anyone watched MR AYRTON SENNA FIGHTS WITH HIS TEAMMATE?

    Was he a backstabber too? LOL

    Retarded idiots. Retarded idiots everywhere.

  • Mark

    By the way…


    Thank you for one of the best moves of the race (Massa – Raikkonen duel was awesome too).

    I watch f1 for the moves, for the overtakes. If you people cant handle those 2 things, you can watch Oprah… yup, a lot of talk, a lot of team orders there lol, a** holes.

  • Lol.


    It’s people like you who I would love to see put a picture to their comments. Unfortunately, that will never happen.

    Have fun being a keyboard warrior.

  • quattro



  • craig gibson

    The germans are at it again!

  • Mareks

    Mr. Vettel, only cowards do what you did to Red Bull team and Mark Webber. Mark had even to slow down to avoid a crash like in 2010 Turkey. Vettel has damaged his reputation forever!

  • michaelmacarthurinMaine

    Seb, you should hang around some 20 something privates in the German army. I’m sure that they could show you a thing or two about teamwork. Sure, winning is awesome and everyone wants to be a winner at the top. However, sometimes you need to put the needs of the team first.

  • Pitwall

    @Joe Kinnear & @Mark Yes technically it was an overtaking move… only trouble was Mark wasn’t expecting it. I think most people would regard that as not as a ‘real’ overtake but an ambush done by a driver who hides behind Marko when he’s afraid of actually competing.

  • G

    It will be interesting to see if Webber lets his guard down hereafter.
    I know I wouldn’t if I had a spoiled brat and backstabbing thief for a teammate.
    At RBR HQ they will tell Mark to STFU and deal with it and lavish Vettel with all new equipment and a pay raise for such brilliant treachery and willfull disobedience.

  • Pitwall

    @G “brilliant treachery and willfull disobedience”… instant classic… lmao

  • Pitwall

    @quattro actually thats a really good point… Vettel had a few goes at Webber earlier in the race… he was only able to get him when Webber had the engine turned down. This is a treacherous act, not an overtake.

  • Mark

    OH LOOOL “only trouble Webber wasnt expecting it” So… you retards think Vettel needed to PM Webber while racing to ask if he could overtake him? poor, poor kids. you are just mad because your beloved Alonso (That goes for you @quattro and @Lol.) fcked it.

    I thought f1 was about racing, not about some faggy kids asking permission to overtake others.

    Any of you silly kids remember Ayrton and Prost? Do you think Ayrton needed permission by Prost to overtake him? poor, poor kids.

  • Mark


    Well I wrote something and you answered it. Seems like I dont need you to take pictures about my comment.

    If you retard want to see some serious Strict Team Orders dont watch F1, p*ssy, go listen the Berlin Orchestra and the Director giving orders.

    I still ENJOY watching OVERTAKES in F1. If you catholic nun can’t appreciate the art of overtaking, go pray at ur church.

  • stewy33

    The bottom line in racing for any team is: When the call comes over the radio from your pit box, it isn’t a conversation… you do what the team ask. Be a professional, you don’t always have to like it…

  • pitwall

    @mark Vettel is a complete jerk… it doesn’t surprise me at all you think he’s awesome.

  • Kevin

    I can’t believe some of you people on here! What Red Bull did is RACE FIXING plain and simple – it isn’t even debatable! They demanded Vettel not win to allow Webber to win – akin to getting him to throw the race.
    If this happened in another sport, there would be uproar, but apparently devaluing F1 as a sport like this with team order nonsense is acceptable?!? Apparently cheating is okay as long as the rule book allows it – d’oh! That is truly pathetic people, open your eyes, please! Some people are saying that Vetel was ‘unprofessional’ – what, to try to legitametely win instead of be manipulated? If arrogant teams are allowed to manipulate races with team orders then it goes against the entire ethos of a true sport – it becomes like, say pro wrestling where results are pre determined and it is no longer a true sport.
    Vettel came across as a grovelling puppet on a string apologising like he did – he should have stood up to his team and bratty Webber – indeed the FIA – and asked why they think it is acceptable for Red Bull to try to get him to throw the race for ‘Princess’ Webber’s benefit?
    Bottom line – F1 is an individual sport and the drivers’ championship comes ahead of the constructors championship. Oh, and those who will probably say ‘if you don’t like it, don’t watch’ are missing the point – whether I watch or not, team orders are still just not ethical for a supposed TRUE SPORT!!!

  • Harper

    What is silly is Red Bull’s rigid strategy. Hitting the limit under DRS and deciding who’s in front for the final stint stays there. You don’t race to come 2nd best ESPECIALLY being the current world champion.

    Both drivers were on fresh tyres with 16 laps to go why hold station. Let them race until the final couple of laps, then hold station. It might be high risk but the RBs were way ahead of their nearest rivals who were struggling to make their tyres last.

    Alonso elimination showed that guys at the pit wall do not always know better than the driver out on the track.

    How quickly we forget how Webber likes to treat his teammate, Vettel has had no-one to rely on but himself ever since he was summoned to RB from their junior team. Interlagos 2012 springs to mind. Vettel is said to have the memory of an elephant, so perhaps it was pay back time.

  • Harper

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Kevin. That’s why we love Kimi!

  • Harper

    I watched the race yesterday, Webber was not 5s ahead of Vettel, and Vettel did not attack Webber on lap 46. What’s written is not the whole truth.

    It was not yet a foregone conclusion that Webber would come out ahead of Vettel after his final pit stop on lap43 which he apparently needed for “multi 21” to stick. Vettel declared full war on Webber (who went in for his last pit stop with a 4s lead) as soon as Webber exit. Vettel was slightly ahead on the outside but Mark had the edge on the inside and pipped Vettel. They grappled wheel to wheel through the first 5 corners for 2 consecutive laps, before Vettel got decisively in front.

    The sequence of events hardly supports the theory “Mark was caught unawares” or “Seb sneaked up from 5s behind and stole the win when Mark was cruising”. Curious when did Mark actually turned down his engine.

    Technical analyst Gary Anderson alluded that “Webber did try to squeeze him into the pit wall when Vettel was coming up to pass him with the DRS overtaking aid. So Sebastian probably saw a bit of red mist and went for it.” Can’t be on cruising mode when you do that, can you?

    Looks Mark knew (from experience) that he could not beat Vettel (who had better tyres and who was on his tail) if they fight fair and square and was pissed that he was not gifted a win (when Hamilton did) via pre-race team order.

    The points difference between 1 n 2 is so much greater than between 3 and 4, so Vettel did nothing wrong by reacting like a Racing Champion instead of an obedient school boy! Mark has repeatedly ignored team orders in the past, he cant have it both ways

  • seeing scarlet

    Vettle being the better driver then Webber is a given, but, this kind of move is a last race of the season there’s 4 points between the top two contenders and your team mate is way out of the championship.

  • Pitwall

    @Harper You are seriously deluded if you think disobeying an instruction to give the leader room (Webber at Silverstone) and disobeying an instruction to hold position are in the same league. And Silverstone was for 2nd place – not even in the same ballpark dude…

  • Kimster

    I don’t understand. Red Bull claims their drivers are treated equal. Yet, in the 2nd race of the year they thought team orders are the best to do. They always claim they let their drivers race so why now 10 lapes before the end of the race they want the drivers to hold station. Preserve tyres, my goodness for what – recycling. If there was a Ferrari behind them would they have given the instruction to let them pass because they need to preserve tyres. I don’t think so and they would have use the engine at full ref’s. The blame is 100% on the Horner for making such a stupid call. How can you expect a guy who is driven by victory and a 3 times world champion not to race for 1st when he is obviously quicker than his team mate. Webber is not an angel and the incident is not going to spoil the friendship – it doesn’t exist anyway.

  • Alonslow

    Quattro, Hamiltonw as 2nd? LOL. Didn’t watch the race, did we? Alonso the only racer? Didn’t watch the race, did we? He crashed like a little rookie into Vettel and got what he deserved. You seriously have the gall to talk about team orders when your boy Alonso is the biggest beneficiary in modern F1?

    Harper, you are an imbecile, period. Start watching F1 objectively (or at all). You really think that Vettel would have caught up and then passed Weber in the same car? HAHA! Passing a car that is half a second slower than you isn’t easy at Sepang. Good luck trying to do that to a guy in the same car…who was faster than you FOR THE ENTIRE RACE, EVEN ON THE HARDER TYRES! Vettel lickers never cease to embarrass themselves.

  • bobmendon

    Any idea why this is being dug up and recycled? That was then and this is now. For chrissakes, let it go people.