Domenicali: Everyone should do his job and stay focused, without blaming each other


Stefano Domenicali with Ferrari engineers

Stefano Domenicali with Ferrari engineers

Not long ago Ferrari pointed a finger at their error prone wind tunnel to explain the below par start to their season, this year the all new V6 turbo Power Unit is getting the blame, prompting  under pressure Team Principal Stefano Domenicali to call for calm and focus amid the mounting crisis at Maranello.

Ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend, Domenicali said of his team, “Everyone should do his job and stay focused, without blaming each other, without trying to say this is your fault, my fault. As a team we have to react together and this is what I have asked of all my employees.”

Domenicali has pinpointed one key area where Ferrari should concentrate their efforts, “The engine is something we need to improve. The more energy you have, the less you have to step on the gas and thus [you] use less fuel.”

Ferrari under delivered in Melbourne

Ferrari under delivered in Melbourne

The Italian added of the F14T, “However, the problem is bigger and we should not focus only on the engine because the chassis of the car also needs to be improved. We have a lot of things to do.”

“We had some issue which was related to the fact that we couldn’t really use full power every lap, so it was connected to some bigger issue that we have to manage.”

“I really hope that we will ready … at a certain level, or at least to solve the issue that we had, already at the next race in Malaysia,” Domenicali explained to Autoweek.

Ferrari technical boss Pat Fry said after the season opener, “There is much work ahead if we are to improve the car’s performance. We are up against several very strong opponents, but we have all the right tools to get the job done of closing the gap between us [and them].” (GP247)

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    It’s starting again….

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    Always closing the gap. Many years have passed when Ferrari worked to open the gap instead.

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    when will stefano ran out of excuses?

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    absolutely spot on!