Maldonado: Everyone is working tremendously hard to ensure we get the team back to the top


With his Lotus F1 Team Grand Prix debut completed, Pastor Maldonado looks forward to the challenge of one of the toughest races of the season, as the Formrula 1 circus sets up camp at Sepang International Circuit, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, for Round 2 of the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship.

What are your thoughts looking to Sepang?
Maldonado: Sepang is a good track and I really like the challenges it presents us with. It’s very interesting from the car point of view, especially the aerodynamics, but also the tyres because the asphalt is very aggressive. Hopefully this event will go more smoothly for us compared with Australia. We know we need to work very hard to achieve our aims and objectives for the E22. We know where our main focus lies and as a team we are determined to get there.

The weather can be quite interesting at Sepang…
Maldonado: We know the weather at Sepang can change a lot; in fact it is usually either extreme heat or extreme rain, so very tropical and we’ll need to be ready for everything. Also the extreme temperatures are hard on the cars in terms of reliability and from the driving point of view it is quite stressful as well. All round, I would say Sepang is one of the toughest races of the year. We’ll need to be strong in all areas.


How much were you able to learn from your laps in Australia?
A lot. It was the longest stint I’ve done so far and that’s very important for the engineers who can now work through the data and find improvements. Naturally, our immediate priority is to finish the races, but in Formula 1 you never stop searching for more pace as well.

There was a lot of progress made during the Australian Grand Prix. Does that give you faith more progress will follow?
Maldonado: Yes, the whole weekend was pretty incredible. To be honest I’ve never seen anything like it. We started nowhere and we kept on having problems. With these cars, even little problems can take a very long time to fix. Some of the problems are very difficult to diagnose as they are electronic or software related. These all require so much time and focus. The efforts put in by everyone at Lotus F1 Team were amazing. Especially from the mechanics at the track, who worked all day and night, more than 24 hours straight, then still did really fast pit stops in the race. It was inspiring and makes me very proud to be part of this team. The season has not started the way we want, but I know everyone is working tremendously hard to ensure we get the team back to the top end of the grid.


What were the positives after Albert Park?
Maldonado: We made clear improvements during the weekend. The team has shown it is ready to do whatever it takes. This is good because my philosophy to racing is the same and I will do whatever it takes as well. Now we can go through the data and improve step-by-step. It is a long season and we need to be positive because we saw one Renault-engined car finish on the podium after the race. So we know our engine can fight for the podium and now we need to work harder than the other teams. This gives us a lot of motivation going forward. Australia was obviously a very disappointing weekend, but if you look at the positives we did more laps than in the pre-season which is quite encouraging as we have more data which is very important for making progress. We had a very negative free practice but we did plenty of laps during the race which is very constructive for the team. It shows that we’ll keep pushing and the hard work will eventually pay off.

What about the car itself?
Maldonado: The E22 has a lot of potential and is feeling better to drive every time we go out. We’ve had a lot of initial issues with the car, but this has been the same up and down the pit lane. I’m impressed every time I look at the packaging of the car and I know that the work going on at Enstone and with Renault Sport F1 will make the E22 into a podium contender very soon indeed.

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  • Robin Ducker

    I wonder if the E22’s suspension has been beefed up? According to Pat Symonds at Williams “pastor pushed the limits on the kerbs so he probably had a strong influence on the design”. Tongue very firmly in his cheek, I think. Still good luck to him but I think they will both struggle. In a good car I thnk Grosjean is a match for almost anyone provided he keeps calm.

  • Amos James

    Oh Dear…. I just hate Maldonado so much. I can’t even feel sympathy for him. I can’t wait to see him fail, again.

    I’ve never disliked a driver as much as this fellow.

  • luis gonzy

    For him to fail , you need to cross your fingers and wait for the Venezuela government to fail , otherwise his 40 millions a year , are going to keep him destroying front wings , rear suspensions , and a bunch more of the new E-22 parts ; please don’t be so rude with the butcher .

  • Tamburello1994

    Sutil’s the butcher.

  • Joni Filippula

    Gets about 5% of the money from Medion that Maldonado’s getting from the Venezuelan government and is about 5% the time on the grass, compared to Maldonado. Also destroyed about 0.5% of the front wing and other parts compared to… Maldonado. So I don’t get your logic here, once again…

  • Tamburello1994

    Don’t blame me because the joke went over your head.

    Sutil sliced someone in the neck with a piece of broken glass, Remember?

    Next time, Get a clue.

  • luis gonzy

    that was a good one !!

  • brianne

    who listens to what Maldonado says anyway, he can be gone from F1 and you wont even notice. the only time you will see him is when he crashes to another innocent driver.