Red Bull disqualification appeal may take several weeks


It may take several weeks before the outcome of Red Bull’s appeal against the Daniel Ricciardo disqualification from the Australian Grad Prix is known.

On Thursday, the reigning world champions lodged the official appeal papers with the governing FIA, after stewards took away Australian Ricciardo’s second place finish due to fuel flow irregularities.

But it is not known when the appeal – likely to be held in Paris – will take place.

“How long will it take? Several weeks,” the respected correspondent for Italy’s Autosprint, Alberto Antonini, predicted.

“With two races in sequence, Malaysia and Bahrain, it would be ideal to get a ruling before the end of next week,” he added. “But the timing may not allow it.”

At the very least, the FIA is expected to announce a date for the appeal hearing within the next few days.

But “When the case will be held is not known,” agreed Tobias Gruner, the correspondent for Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

“Depending on the complexity of the information that is submitted, it could take weeks. It will probably not be before the third race in Bahrain,” he added.

Eddie Jordan, an outspoken former team boss and owner, said he doubts that Red Bull’s penalty will be overturned by the international court of appeal.

“They say the [fuel flow] sensor was unreliable,” he is quoted by the German-language T-Online, “but rules are rules.”

Jordan, now a pundit for British television, said he thinks that Red Bull’s decision to go through with an appeal is therefore “quite arrogant”. (GMM)

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  • Severn

    “Depending on the complexity of the information that is submitted ..”

    This isn’t that complicated, it should take them ten minutes to work out whether the FIA’s or RB’s fuel flow numbers were correct.

    My guess is that they want to drag this out so that by the time the hearing takes place, the crappy sensors will finally have been fixed. It would be too embarrassing for the FIA if the hearing was held tomorrow and the full scope of their incompetence was made public.