Hamilton not fazed by Formula 1’s new young guns

Lewis Hamilton with Jenson Button in Melbourne

Lewis Hamilton with Jenson Button in Melbourne

Lewis Hamilton has rejected notions that a new guard of young guns is sweeping into power in Formula 1, after the season opening grand prix in Australia.

After the V6 era kicked off in Melbourne, podium debutant Kevin Magnussen was hailed as McLaren’s ‘new Hamilton’, while fellow rookie Daniil Kvyat stood out as the next Red Bull-fuelled talent, in a Sebastian Vettel-like mould.

Daniel Ricciardo also stepped into the retired Mark Webber’s shoes with ease at Red Bull, outqualifying and outracing quadruple world champion Vettel and causing many to wonder if a ‘new era’ had dawned.

But 2008 world champion Hamilton, however, doesn’t think so.

“You still have Vettel, myself, Alonso and Kimi,” Formula 1’s 29-year-old world champion of 2008 said.

“It’s not a new era,” Hamilton insisted. “It’s just a new wave of youngsters coming through.”

Dane Magnussen, in particular, was hailed by none other than Hamilton’s discoverer, former mentor Ron Dennis, as a future champion.

“He has all the ingredients necessary to win a world championship,” Dennis said.

Hamilton may be unconvinced, but he did applaud the 21-year-old’s debut podium in Melbourne – a feat he himself achieved in a McLaren back in 2007.

“Kevin did a fantastic job,” he said. “I’m very impressed with his job. Well done to him.” (GMM)

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  • nakagoli

    Ha ha. some of these comments are hilarious. “Ricciardo outqualifying and out racing Vettel….” You do realise, don’t you, that Vettels car was suffering from a KERS issue, in quali and in the few laps he completed?

  • hahaha

    Pffff Lewis you arrogant spoiled little brat. His ego is growing with the hour. He doesn’t mention Nico an Jenson, who’s dad set up your carts? It’s weird he doesn’t mention the 2 teammates that have beat him once before.

  • hahaha

    With the attitude that Magnussen, Kvyatt and even Hulkie and Bianchi portray they could have a far greater career than Lewis himself. He has 1 title in 7 years of f1, and has been beaten over a season by his teammate more than once. Hail to the bubbleboy and the Nicole soap opera.

  • Severn

    “You still have Vettel, myself, Alonso and Kimi,” Formula 1′s 29-year-old world champion of 2008 said.”

    Take that, Button!

    “outqualifying and outracing quadruple world champion Vettel”

    Oh, going for the comedy here.

  • Percy S L Gnaniah

    Who does the the little punk think he is after winning one championship by one point many moons ago. That too he has to thank Heikki the useless unpatriotic punk who did not allow Kimi to overtake him, if he did, then Kimi would have won 2 and this little punk NOTHING. The real greats dont talk like this, only the empty ones like him. Its all the fault of the Media for glorifying a failure like him!!!