Google honour Ayrton Senna with a Doodle on his birthday


Google will run a Doodle tribute to Ayrton Senna commemorate what would have been his birthday on Friday, 21 March.

2014 is the 20th year since Senna’s death ¬†death at Imola on 1 May, 1994. Senna would have turned 54 this year.

Google famously tweaks their logo on their main search page – with Doodles – to commemorate special events and occasions.

Estimates are that the Google search home page, featuring the Senna Doodle, will be accessed over a half a billion times on the day. (GP247)

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  • Hugo Lafreniere

    It misses the blue, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    Not on (USA) or

  • Tamburello1994

    Was on the lookout for this but never saw it. Must of been a Brazilian thing. . . .