New Ferrari V6 turbo power unit too heavy and lacking top speed


One of Ferrari’s immediate problems is that its all-new 2014 Formula 1 V6 turbo engine is “too heavy”, according to Auto Motor und Sport, who said that customers Sauber and Marussia are also struggling with a Power Unit design that is overweight by at least 13 kilograms, which is also slow in a straight line.

Correspondent Michael Schmidt reports that the overweight Ferrari caught even the Maranello based team by surprise, having successfully argued against a further increase in the minimum car-plus-driver weight of 691 kilos for 2014.

Fernando Alonso finished a lacklustre fifth in Melbourne, “I have 12 points more than Vettel and Hamilton, which is a positive but I was missing 35 seconds to Rosberg. That must give us pause [for thought].”

“The Mercedes engines are another category, when I was behind the Force India it was impossible to pass,” added Alonso.


Indeed, technical boss James Allison admits: “Our competitiveness was not acceptable in Melbourne.”

“While we can take some satisfaction from the reliability shown by the F14T, it is clear that we have our work cut out to improve our car in order to compete on equal terms with the Mercedes team.”

“There is plenty about the F14T that is working very well, but we need to work further on the stability under braking and the speed on the straights,” added Allison

But slimming-down the Ferrari engine might prove difficult, as in the wake of the February ‘freeze’ deadline, changes can only now be made for safety, cost or reliability reasons.

The FIA’s Charlie Whiting revealed that all three Formula 1 engine makers, including troubled Renault but also dominant Mercedes, have already applied to the FIA to make changes.

“Ultimately, it’s for us to decide,” he said. (GMM)

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  • RBC

    They will be allowed to fix it, or F1 will become a 1 horse race again.

  • McLarenfan

    I think there is the weight of the Turbo Shield to add to the 13 kilo’s. Kimi and Alonso are already looking thin and without the weight they are still down on top speed. the FIA should have given the teams either more test time or longer before locking the Power Units development.

  • paveldimov

    It is still early days,but sooner than later some heads are gonna roll in Maranelo!!! It is not acceptable for 6 years in row(from 2009) after the first gp to play a catch up and what a catch up this year-0.5-0.8 sec per lap!!! It is amazing how is possible when you have the chance to built under one roof-the engine and the chassy to finish like that!Something is missing in Maranelo…..and maybe only the Pope knows!!!

  • playster

    I think it’s nothing more than a load of rubbish! And it doesn’t surprise me at all that this rumor is coming from a German magazine.

  • nakagoli

    I agree. How on earth would AMUS know the weights of any of the PUs? The teams do not release the figures.
    And then there is the fact that the PUs were built and running some time ago, giving more than ample time to find a way to reduce the weight.