Montezemolo writes to Ferrari’s tifosi ahead of Formula 1’s new turbo era

Luca di Montezemolo

Luca di Montezemolo

Note: We somehow missed the letter Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo wrote to tifosi ahead of the 2014 Formula 1 season opener in Australia. Although dated – 13 March 2014 – it is still pertinent and needs to be published for the record. So here we go…

Dear tifosi,

It seems incredible but another season is about to begin and I, like you, am anxious and in a state of strong trepidation – as happens to me every year, even though I have gone through so many championships as President and, before, as Sporting Director.

There are more unknowns and uncertainties about this season than in the past. The rule changes are profound and numerous. It’s not just a matter of the new six-cylinder turbo engine, but also systems with integrated electric engines, control units with innovative and complex software, a new package of aerodynamics…In essence it’s a complicated car that will also require a different driving style.

So the first target is reliability, as we clearly saw in the test sessions.

Everyone has issues; we have lined ours up and we are in the process of resolving them. We’re also putting into practice an intense plan of development, which can count on the fact that the data from the wind tunnel have been confirmed by the track comparisons, something that has not happened in recent years.

It will also be a difficult championship for the spectators to follow. The drivers will have to take care that they do not wear out the tyres and save fuel. I have already said that I hope they don’t turn into taxi drivers and I say that with the greatest respect to taxi drivers, but they obviously do a different job. I, like all of you, love an extreme Formula 1 where technology and drivers are always on the limit.

Such an important set of changes to the regulations is bringing some grey areas, for example fuel, software, consumption… In these I am fully expecting the FIA to be vigilant – as I’m sure they will be – to avoid any trickery, which has also taken place in the recent past but must not happen any more for the good of this sport.

So what should we expect from tomorrow? I have asked for the highest commitment from Domenicali and his team and I know that they are all doing their best. We have a strong team, the best driver pairing – who are experienced and very talented – and everyone knows what they have to do.

We can count on an important factor that only we have: the immense affection from you, our tifosi, all over the world. I ask you for your usual great support: let’s not go overboard in the good moments and let’s not give up in harder ones. The championship is long and the objective is clear.

Forza Ferrari!

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  • Barlow

    Mr. Montezemolo said,”I, like all of you, love an extreme Formula 1 where technology and the drivers are always on the limit”! But we don’t have that now do we, we have some hybrid, not unlike the new power units, and that is a long way from extreme. The thing is you can have a technological F1, where many kinds of new ideas are being tried out; F1 as a science project, as it were, or you can have balls to the wall extreme F1 racing, which, I think, all hard core F1 fans expect, but you can’t have both!! Okay so the v12s and the v10s were too much, and the turbos seem to be not enough, I know it’s after only one race, it now seems the v8s were just right!! The question is, how many fans are F1 prepared to lose, before the v8s come back?? Can you imagine these turbos in the streets of Monaco, or the sound of them coming out of the tunnel?? Can you hold back your tears??

  • Tamburello1994

    All the preseason attention paid to the Red Bull / Renault saga, things like this were missed.

    (Snark-o-meter is pegged.)

  • Nowhereman

    Formula G, Formula S, I like Baby Formula the best….
    What a joke.
    I swore I saw one driver attempting to make his car go faster by pushing his steering wheel in the cockpit while driving…lol