Honda F1 bosses in Melbourne observing proceedings

Yasuhisa Arai

Yasuhisa Arai

Almost unnoticed in the Albert Park paddock, during the Australian Grand Prix weekend, mingling with Formula 1 regulars were two Japanese engineers with very big plans.

Speed Week correspondent Mathias Brunner reports that Yasuhisa Arai, Honda’s new Formula 1 boss, and the Japanese marque’s technical chief Kazuo Sakurahara were on an ‘un-uniformed’ mission to learn and observe as the 2014 season kicked off.

It is not until 2015 that Honda, absent from the paddock since the shock decision in late 2008 to pull its Brackley based works team from Formula 1, will return to the grid as McLaren’s supplier of works turbo V6 engines.

But as Formula 1’s new era began in Australia, “It was the first of many visits this year,” Brunner claimed, as the Honda duo embark upon a meticulous mission to be up to speed against experienced rivals Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault.

Arai is quoted as saying: “At the beginning [of our V6 programme] there were some difficulties, but at the moment we are quite satisfied with our level of development.”

Undoubtedly, Formula 1’s smaller, greener and more relevant engine regulations lured the modern-minded Honda back to the sport, but Arai insists that the ultimate ambition is clear.

“There’s no point in racing unless you win,” he is quoted by Japan Today.

“That’s why we teamed up with a winning team,” Arai added, referring to McLaren, who in 2014 are spending their twentieth and last season with Mercedes power. (GMM)

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  • Nowhereman

    Well, Honda is a great motor builder but, if no one shows up for the dance cause the party is pathetic, Honda is going to look like the rest of them.
    Very expensive, worthless slot car motors that do not meet up to F1 the way it should be.
    TIme for the Nowhere formula:
    1. 6, 8, 10 or 12 cylinder designs allowed
    2. Any induction type allowed
    3. Weight set by cubic inches
    4. Re fueling reguired
    5. Minimum of two tire suppliers
    6. Ground effects allowed
    7. No augmented power adders allowed
    8. FIA to stay away from taking drugs.

  • Jerry Holloway

    A. If you’re going for an open formula, you have to allow four cylinders.

    B. What the heck is #3 about?
    C. Refueling should be optional, not required.
    D. I’m happy with tires that just don’t explode.
    E. Ground effects was a dead end development, that’s why they were banned.
    F. Hybrid ERS systems and turbos should be optional. But one or the other. Engine capacity is determined by what power adder you use.

    The “party” isn’t pathetic, it’s just different. It has its pros and cons. Pros are added torque, added attrition, relevance. Cons are too green, too quiet. But the fact is that this is future. If you want to live in the past, there’s always NASCAR.

  • Nowhereman

    1st of all Jerry,
    It’s my formula and I did not consult your ass on specifics.
    4 cylinder engines are nothing more than lawn mowers and are for people who hate to drive.
    They are the ones who go down the road at 5 mph slower than the limit and create massive traffic jams while watching their “green O meter in their cars tell them how much fuel they are saving.
    Sounds to me like you drive Prius or something like that lol.
    #3 is car / driver weight set by cu. in.
    What that means is if your inclined to run a large inch 12 cylinder engine, you will be carrying a substantial amount more weight than the smaller cubed engines.
    Ground effects is not dead, the Idiots above thought it wasn’t safe.
    It works.
    There is no place for battery driven cars in F1…. ever
    I said any type of induction so turbos can be used.
    It is not the future, maybe yours but not everyone else’s.
    I don’t live in the past.
    NASCAR sucks and is nothing more than WWF on wheels.
    F1 is becoming a circus just like NASCAR.
    The masses are with my thoughts junior, not yours.
    One tire mfg is bullshit.
    It negates competition and this thing is about competition.
    IF it’s one thing I hate it’s panzy ass liberals trying to change things in the name of sucking up to more money.
    This current F1 party is pathetic and I bet you lunch as I write this, F1 is loosing viewership and advertisement bucks.
    You want to see how it’s done?
    Watch Red Bull TV for a while.

  • Robbel


  • Nowhereman

    Really, are you that lame or is this your attempt at humor?
    Lets see, you run a v6 naturally asperated and I’ll run a twin turbo V 12.
    Same weight cars, everything else the same.
    I would lap you within 10 to 12 laps.
    that’s why bigger cubed engines would have to run higher weight cars.