Sepang boss says Malaysia not in mood for grand prix


Malaysia is not in the mood for next weekend’s Grand Prix at Sepang, says track chief Razlan Razali, even as he  confirmed that the race is on despite the country’s real focus being on the mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

On 8 March, the Boeing 777, its crew and 227 passengers disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to China, and despite the involvement of 25 countries in the frantic search, the missing flight has yet to be found.

Now, Malaysia is set to host the second round of Formula 1’s 2014 season.

“People are not in the mood for an event like this,” Sepang Chief Executive Razali told the AFP news agency. “Everywhere, be it on radio, newspaper, TV or social media, it is all about finding MH370.”

However, Razali said there is no doubt that the race will go on.

“Whatever it is, Formula 1 will go on and the concert after that will proceed but we will be sensitive and not go overboard,” he explained. (GMM)

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  • George kuhn

    The race in Malaysia could be a good thing for them as they could use something to take their mind off what’s happened there.

  • ME

    They should cancel the concert!!

  • Tamburello1994

    Lets all hope and pray that by the time race weekend comes around this issue with Malaysia 370 heavy is resolved one way or another.

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    The more they investigate, the more they are finding that the pilot(s) had something to do with it. Yet more radicals at work. I’m with George Kuhn, let’s go to the races and forget this for a while.

  • Barlow

    Well at least the cars will be quiet and subdued!!

  • Robbel


  • hahaha

    Race? What race? Black & Decker vs Hoover? On the subject, I think the Americans tested their new laser weapon and the plane was collateral damage in their eyes. Pray for the victims and say no to western propaganda is my credo.

  • topkill

    Have you always been a douche? Was it something you ate or in the water where you live? Please let the rest of us know so we can avoid it.