Massa: The time as a servant is over! Williams wants me to take a leadership role in the team

Felipe Massa's race in Melbourne did not last very long

Felipe Massa’s race in Melbourne did not last very long

Despite a first corner incident which saw him eliminated early in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, Felipe Massa has kicked off the next phase of his Formula 1 career with two thumbs up and declaring that his “days as a servant are over”.

Massa’s first thumbs up is for the end of the Ferrari era, where despite intense highs and the almost title-winning 2008 season, the 32-year-old also experienced some deep lows.

Asked by correspondent Nicola Pohl to describe what four years as Fernando Alonso’s water-carrier felt like, he answered: “I’ll tell you one thing. The time as a servant is over! Williams wants me to take a leadership role in the team.

Felipe Massa during drivers parade at Albert Park

Felipe Massa during drivers parade at Albert Park

“In a team you sometimes have to do things that you don’t understand in the moment. But you’re not a racing driver if you cannot win,” Massa insisted.

The other thumbs up is for his move to Williams, where despite the British team finishing the 2013 season deeply uncompetitive, he has found himself powered by the plum Mercedes engine.

“I am happy, that’s true,” the Brazilian, who lost his Ferrari seat after eight years to Kimi Raikkonen, told the German newspaper Bild. “I’m glad I went this way. It could have been a stroke of luck. The car feels good.”

“The fact that Williams changed to the Mercedes engines is the first step to success,” he insisted. “I feel that the car is strong and I’m hungry to finally win again.”

Kamui Kobayashi with Felipe Massa before the race

Kamui Kobayashi with Felipe Massa before the race

Reflecting on his very short afternoon’s work in Melbourne, Massa said, “I’m obviously very disappointed as I had the sort of car capable of challenging for a podium today, but the incident in the first corner ruined my race.”

“I tried to have a calm start and not take any risks, but was hit from behind after Kobayashi braked too late and there was nothing I could do to avoid being taken out of the race.”

“It’s a shame but there are a lot of positive things that the team can take from this weekend in terms of pace and reliability, so I’m just thinking about the next race and having a strong result there,” concluded the Brazilian. (GMM)

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  • D.R.S

    This guy means business !!! GO ON Felipe !!

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    I really hope he can achieve that.

  • Severn

    I wish him success. But he’ll be up against a tough teammate in Bottas.

  • McLarenfan

    If Felipe has a car setup for him by him that is capable of podiums or wins I think he still has the right stuff to take those steps I don’t think he lost his mojo I think he was demoralized and put upon and he lost his spark but with Williams he has the fire within.

  • brianne

    i admire his fighting spirit… but he should not forget why he became a servant for ferrari in the first place

  • RetroRaceCars_ninjamonk

    I was never a fan of Massa and his lack of balls to stand up and be noticed. I am glad he is at williams and hopefully we will see the true Massa without the Ferrari pressures. I would love to see him win and do it by beating Alonso in a straight fight :)

  • farizY

    Really hope Felipe will be one of the contenders for WDC this year. 2008, so close.

  • D.R.S

    I think he only became one cause he was being too much of a gentleman! As long as being quick goes, we all remember “Fernando is faster than you” , FASTER MY ARSE! why couldnt Alonso take Felipe if he was really that much quicker than him. Had Felipe been anythin like, sayKimi.. m sure things woulda been different. It’s just the kinda person that Felipe is! M sure he has learnt his lesson and will not be willing to play second fiddle to anyone for the rest of his career!

  • D.R.S

    Spot on mate !

  • McLarenfan

    When you look at Felipe now he has his spark and I think he feels that over the last few years he has been used as Alonso’s domestic worker, but the worm has turned and he wants to prove he has what it takes and he wants to finish higher than both red drivers. I think Frank and the team have chosen him after seeing his hunger to put right some wrongs.

  • brianne

    so what you’re saying is that Alonso personally asked Ferrari to let him through??? hmm….

    lets get the facts straight… by virtue of Alonso’s higher position in the standings, he was favored that year as it was the case of Michael and Rubens and YES, Massa over Kimi in 2008. Now if Massa had a better position in the standings vs Alonso then he would not be asked. This is team orders which Ferrari is known for and the same thing that Mercedes GP has asked Rosberg last year, to let hamilton through. Massa’s fault is that he was nowhere near Alonso in the standings from Race 1. He could have pulled a Vettel attitude and ignore team orders but he wants to save his ass from getting kicked out by Ferrari of course. I have nothing against Massa, he is a good driver and a good team player. Like everyone else, I hope he succeeds at Williams.

  • D.R.S

    Clearly there is renewed zeal and it is evident when we see Felipe. He is a lot more enthusiastic and it really looks like he is goin out there to win it ! Great decision by Williams and its jus so cool that FW-36 is probably one of the best packages on the grid today. Felipe has such an opportunity to shutt his doubters up once and for all!

  • D.R.S

    That’s wat I meant when I said he was being too much of a gentleman. If he was anything like Seb, he would not have let Alonso through.
    And think about the exact same situation except that Alonso gets the radio “Felipe is faster than you”. I am sure Alonso would not have given a rat’s ass! That’s what Alonso is like.. (or maybe its jus me who has such an impression of him?)

  • D.R.S

    In a nutshell, what I am saying is that I dont think Alonso woulda given way for Massa had the situation been exactly reverse. The character of Felipe is such that he was willing to compromise.
    All said, I really hope Felipe does some wonders in that Williams !