Alonso: I have a very strong opponent in the team and I am very happy about that

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso insists that he is very happy to have a strong opponent in Kimi Raikkonen to fight against at Ferrari this year, and in fact claims to relish the prospect.

Some believe that the Spaniard cannot possibly have supported the team’s decision to replace the subordinate Felipe Massa with the former Ferrari champion Kimi Raikkonen.

But Alonso insists Massa was no pushover.

“Sometimes he was even faster than Michael Schumacher when they were together,” he told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper. “But my four years were fantastic with Felipe, so I expect nothing other than my coming years with Kimi to be fantastic too.”

Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Race, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Sunday 16 March 2014

Finn Raikkonen had a poor race return with Ferrari in Australia, but Alonso tipped him to get up to speed quickly.

“He’s very, very fast, perhaps the fastest of us all, or at least he is considered as such by some,” he said.

“Last year, he battled for the title with a Lotus, an achievement I rate highly because I do not think Lotus are so strong,” Alonso added.

“I have a very strong opponent in the team and I am very happy about that, whether you believe me or not.”

He said all the recent speculation about their relationship was “understandable”, given the new season and a “winter in which nothing much happens”.

“This has become a routine for me, especially since I’ve been with Ferrari, because it was also said it would be very difficult for me with Felipe,” said Alonso. (GMM)

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  • Amos James

    Mind games begin…

  • Ankit

    Omg! when will you stop being so negative about him. why can’t you give a guy a chance to be nice and acknowledge something he genuinely wants to. Why are you such a f*cking hater? Moron

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    «I am very happy about having a strong opponent in the team» = «I beat the guy so all is good so far (if that changes I’ll whine about it and blackmail the team into giving me what I want)».

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    Because Alonso has acted like a cry-baby for, like, ever?

  • Ankit

    Which is why I’m friking saying give the man a chance to change! Stop branding him that way till you bloody die and take that hate with you into your grave you low life stubborn child!
    I really dislike Vettel for the prick he is but I’m willing to give him a chance to change my mind about him. I’m not going to sit and hate on him forever because he didn’t do anything personal to me, same as Alonso didn’t to you.

  • Ankit

    Oh so you’re so sure about this exact same thing happening this year right? Will you dump your head in your toilet and flush it down if that doesn’t happen? And don’t ask me to do anything like that if the opposite happens because I’M NOT SURE! You talk as if you know the damn future and this is EXACTLY how Alonso will behave without even giving him a chance to be nice.

  • farizY

    Ankit, always with the personal attack. Btw, FA has always been associated with mind games, nothing wrong with that. Just don’t go around calling people morons.

  • Ankit

    That statement sounded very contradictory and ironical. You’re preaching about not being personal and YET you and people like you are always personally attacking Alonso. First look at yourself before you talk to me!

  • Ankit

    Also, you STILL don’t get the point, do you? I’m saying screw whatever he may have done in the past. Unless it’s pretty evident that he’s playing mind games right now, don’t go around spewing filth everywhere about him. If you have an FIA approved article of Alonso playing mind games, then come talk to me. All these are just your assumptions. Nobody can be 100% sure he did it. All I’m saying is even if he may have done it in the past, he’s saying something nice about his new team mate and let him. Give him a chance before dissing him every bloody time. Well there are only two things he could say, “I have a strong team mate OR “I don’t have a strong team mate. Both ways he will be dissed by people like you. Don’t do that. Stop hating!

  • brianne

    nothing is more funnier than the reaction of the haters once Alonso speaks… classic!

  • Tamburello1994

    The only thing funnier is the reaction from ‘Alonso fans’ when Vettel wins title after title and Alonso comes up empty.


  • brianne

    well i hope you’re not saying im an alonso fanboy or else you’re barking at the wrong tree boy. i respect alonso’s, vettel’s, kimi’s talents and their achievements. i just happen to notice the anti alonso brigade acting like a bunch of kids every time a topic is posted about fernando, you included.

  • Tamburello1994

    Defensive much?

    Name calling is for kids at school, I’m a bit more advanced than that.

  • brianne

    defensive? nah… you see, anti alonso brigade will call someone an alonso fanboy once they see someone post some postive notes about alonso, not thinking first before they talk.

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    So because Alonso never did anything to me I can’t voice my opinion? Bwahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! Look man, he isn’t gonna change now, he IS a cry baby and a back-stabber who always had to have his teammate either set aside by hiw own team to let him win, or, in the crashgate case, have him cheat to make him win. And when he didn’t get his way with McLaren, he gave their butt to the FIA even though he participated in the whole «let’s compare Ferrari’s methods» game with Pedro de la Rosa. Is he a great racer? You bet. Do I have any respect for him or trust in what he says? None whatsoever.

  • Ankit

    Look man you’re a hater and you always will be. Do not expect me to ever have a normal argument with you about anything on any of the posts henceforth cuz you’re an unreasonable douchebag. Go cry to your mommy about what Alonso did and how bad it affects you. I have no more time for your nonsense. Good bye

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    I’m not a hater. I base my opinion of him on objective, undisputed facts. You are right, though, that you can’t have a normal argument with me nor, in fact, with anyone here. The minute someone doesn’t agree with you, you resort to name calling and childish behaviour. What Alonso did, does or will do doesn’t affect me one bit. Seeing how emotional you are about the whole thing though, the same can’t be said about you, obviously. Sad, really.

  • Ankit

    Oh really? If those are FACTS, then Alonso should have been banned by now. As far as I know he is continuing to drive for Ferrari. If you think you’re bigger than the FIA and you can call the shots around here about anyone, so be it. Live in your own sweet bubble. As far fas people agreeing with me, of hell I have lots of them agreeing with me. As usual your “FACTS” arent correct.

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    Alonso needs Massa, who’s still in the championship running, to move over to win :
    Alonso and de la Rosa discuss illegally obtained Ferrari’s data :
    Alonso’s behaviour, threatening to hand over emails to the FIA to have McLaren convicted (which he did, after receiving immunity) :
    The whole Hungary 2007 debacle, with Alonso blocking Hamilton from going out to the track to make sure he’d retain his pole position. Again, unless his teammate was ordered to let him have his way, he was not willing to make it so himself on the track. :

    I’m sure I don’t have to link crashgate links…

    These are facts, and they are correct. Sorry.

    And yes, he should’ve been banned for the Spygate, except that Mosley was so hellbent on having Ron Dennis’ head that he gave wonderboy the immunity to get access to all his info, which made his case. The other facts I mentioned are more things that could justify banning a team, or the one who calls the shots, which indeed happened with Briatore and Symonds getting the boot. I don’t see how being a backstabber is grounds for banishment, as you seem to imply.

  • Alonsofan

    So you’re saying that Alonso was involved and he asked the team to orchestrate the crash at Singapore? Oh my! Do you have ANY sort of proof of that? If you do, then you should show it to the FIA so they can ban the driver for life. SADLY for you, you don’t. If your barbaric assumptions are what you call “facts”, then I feel really sorry for you man. And look who’s talking about being emotional. People like YOU come here and get so touchy whenever there’s something good posted about Alonso and start writing rubbish here. Be a little mature.