Stewart predicts very big safety problem with fuel saving

Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Qualifying, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Saturday 15 March 2014

Sir Jackie Stewart in Melbourne

Sir Jackie Stewart admitted he has a very big safety concern about Formula 1’s revolutionary new turbo era.

“I see a very, very big problem,” the Formula 1 legend told Die Welt in Melbourne.

Indeed, it is believed the very sort of concern raised by Stewart, Formula 1’s safety-pioneering driver of the 70s and a triple world champion, was also raised by experienced current drivers including Jenson Button in the FIA briefing in Australia.

The worry is that the new 100 kilogram per driver race fuel limit could mean some cars are aggressively saving fuel at the very same time as others are still racing flat-out.

“Drivers who are six seconds slower than the fastest cars is a huge safety risk,” 74-year-old Stewart said.¬†“And when you’re talking about safety in Formula 1, it is the question of life and death.”

“If I understand the problem, I cannot understand that others seem to have thought so little about it,” he said. (GMM)

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  • Nakatsu Senpai

    just add another 10kg fuel per race.problem solve

  • McLarenfan

    We saw the impending problems last night the closing speeds between cars was massive “give them more fuel”. Lets see they will review it after someone has a massive prang.

  • RBC

    They don’t have bigger fuel tanks to put more fuel in. More fuel means very expensive redesign of the cars or reintroducing refueling.