Signs of strain between Mercedes duo Hamilton and Rosberg starting to emerge

Lewis Hamilton with Nico Rosberg in Melbourne

The relationship between this year’s likely Formula 1 world title contenders Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg may already be showing signs of strain.

The Mercedes duo’s friendship and rivalry dates back to their boyhood days in the junior categories, but it could be tested to the limit in 2014 as the Brackley team looks set to dominate the 2014 title battle. And the strain could already be showing.

“Nico often spends much more time with the engineers than I do,” Briton Hamilton is quoted by the German newspaper Bild, “but we come to the same findings in the end.”


Hamilton bristled at the suggestion Rosberg has a better chance of taming the highly-complex 2014 rules due to his more “technical” approach to racing.

“It’s a strange perception that one driver is massively technical and another is not,” the 2008 world champion said. “I didn’t win the championship in 2008 from sheer luck.”

Rosberg insisted that the comments, particularly those about ‘wasting time with engineers’, will not affect their relationship.

“It’s no big deal for me,” he said, “as two different approaches is a good thing.”

Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Practice, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Friday 14 March 2014.

However, it has emerged that even though the pair both live in Monaco, Hamilton has not been invited to Rosberg’s forthcoming wedding.

“I don’t mind,” Hamilton said. “I try to avoid weddings anyway.”

Meanwhile, members of the British media have criticised Hamilton for making “strange”, “bizarre” and “insensitive” comments about the gravely injured Michael Schumacher.

Referring to the Formula 1 legend’s 11-week coma after a skiing fall, the 2008 world champion said in Melbourne: “I feel like all things happen for a reason.

“I think that this is an experience that will really show his character and depth even more so than any other experiences he’s had.” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Hamilton won a championship? When?
    I thought he only won a corner in Brazil ’08?

    Massa is the real 2008 World Champion!

  • Hawk

    you are right
    when I saw the list of WDCs, Massa was 2008

  • Tamburello1994

    Would Mercedes ever favor a Brit over a homeboy?

  • Christopher Smith

    Sorry mate I think you’ll find Hamilton won the championship not massa. That’s basically you just deciding the out come of a season. Don’t think f1 works like that. I take it Fernando won in 2012? Or have You decided that someone else won that year. Perhaps max chilton.

  • Raul – Amsterdam

    You mean when Massa was givin Hamilton’s victory in Spa 2008 ?, GTFO mate, lol.

  • Raul – Amsterdam

    Well, the engineers are mostly british.


    The media is lighting a match stick hoping there is fuel between the 2 guys. Really Is the Alonso & Kimi story now a given that Alonso will come out strong so lets go propaganda bitterness where there isn’t between 2 friends.
    Twisting drivers words is a regular thing for F1 media. Especially this webite. and especially when it comes to Hamilton.
    Hami said he gets just as much done as Rosberg with the engineers. He did not say Rosberg is wasting time because everything they do with the engineers get shared anyways under equal status contracts.
    Even wifes don’t do that much word twisting to win arguments with husbands.
    It’s like when some countries will have something to gain if they make 2 super powers set off nuclear missiles at each other.

  • Guest

    Ah.. you mean the mechanics. The engineers such as the ones that built the engine are all German. The company itself is German. The upper management, CEOs, etc. are all German. Toto Wolff is Austrian. Niki Lauda is Austrian. Yes, Paddy is British. Upper management can tell Paddy to do whatever they want. They would rather see a German win in a German car. Anyway, if Hamilton is faster they’ll favour him, I’m sure. But, if Rosberg starts outperforming, forget Hamilton.

  • Guest

    I take it back. Mercedes engine is built by a British company. Seems the only thing German is the name. Well, Germans own the company, so they can tell the British to do whatever they want.

  • John Palermo

    The German upper management can over-rule them. They’ll favour Rosberg in a German team if they’ve got their orders.

  • ufgrat

    Yeah, the journalistic term for this article is called “stirring the pot”. Or less complimentary terms.

  • Krunksoft

    Do they have to look like lovers in that picture??

  • Tamburello1994

    You noticed that too eh?