Todt says FIA still supports under fire Ecclestone

Jean Todt with Bernie Ecclestone

Jean Todt with Bernie Ecclestone

Even amid a prolonged bribery scandal, FIA president Jean Todt continues to support embattled Formula 1 Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone.

Earlier, a co-owner of the sport, the Norwegian central bank Norges’ Yngve Slyngstad called on the 83-year-old Briton to be “suspended” while he faces criminal charges in Germany.

But Todt told the Telegraph: “At the moment, he is not guilty.

“Has he done a good job? He has done an outstanding job. That’s the only thing I concentrate on,” the Frenchman added.

Todt also told Germany’s Welt newspaper this week: “Without him, Formula 1 would not have become the global business that it is today.

“Some day in the future Formula 1 will have to do without him, but that’s the case for all of us.

“Currently, the relationship between the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone is not affected,” he insisted.

Todt also said that there is currently no sign that Formula 1’s owners, CVC, have a different view.

“When CVC …want to move him on, they will let me know as president of the FIA,” he told the Daily Mail. “There has been no talk of that with them.”

Where Todt and Ecclestone do differ is on the sport’s all-new and revolutionary look for 2014, with the Briton recently slamming the “farce” of unreliable cars and disliking the milder V6 engine tones.

Todt, however, is unapologetic.

“If we had not gone this way,” he told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, “some manufacturers might have gone away.

“I’m not sure if Mercedes would have stayed or whether Honda would have come back,” added Todt.

Meanwhile, as one of the injured Michael Schumacher’s closest friends who visits the great German in hospital almost daily, Todt insists he still has high hopes of a recovery.

“I can tell you that we still have big hopes for Michael,” he said. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Of course he supports Bernie and turns a blind eye to the UK courts confirming Bernie pays bribes, how else will get get his huge slice of the F1 pie while the teams struggle for a buck.

  • RBC

    I think the FIA took $120m from F1 in the new agreement.

  • Barlow

    I don’t know what Todt is talking about!! It doesn’t seem the powers that be listen to Bernie anymore anyway. He was against the new v-6s, so what, we have v-6s racing now. Which is a big flop. The car’s lack of a racing sound is horrible, I don’t know what it is, a vacuum cleaner, a lawn mower maybe, but it is certainly not an F1 sound!! So why is Bernie is so important to F1 if no one listens to him anymore?? So the question then seems to be, do the fans go away, or the teams go, then either way F1 is doomed!!